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In the domain of the football World Cup

The FIFA World Cup is nearly upon us and then the eyes of the world will be focused on the biggest international football tournament on the planet. Held once every four years – a very long period in terms of the internet – this year’s World Cup will be followed even more intensely than ever [...]

Facebook responds to the power of Social Networking

Sometimes it is good to admit when you have made a mistake and Facebook‘s latest admission over the privacy changes that threatened to damage its domination of the social networking sector will have a gone a long way to repair customer confidence in the brand. Ironically, its own model of social networking has seemingly forced [...]

Is the future paid for content?

This week new websites for The Times and Sunday Times launched to the public. A cleaner look almost resembling the hard-copy newspapers will appeal to many, but the question is how appealing will they be? Four weeks from now parent-company News International‘s paywall will go up on the sites and only those prepared to pay [...]

Is Google giving you the short answer?

When you search online, Search Engines answer your search query by providing a list of websites where you can find the information you’re looking for. It doesn’t tell you the answer to your search question, but shows you where you can find the answer. All that might be changing. Last year saw the launch of [...]

Never too old to get online

They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks but an ever increasing number of older people getting themselves online suggest that maybe the internet is just a new way of performing old tricks. Today sees the ninth Silver Surfers day, a co-ordinated nationwide effort to encourage and help older people get online. Over [...]

How the web used to look

We are constantly warned about posting information on the internet that we might later regret but here is the proof: The Wayback Machine from the Internet Archive. The US-based site is building a digital library of “Internet sites and other cultural artifacts in digital form”.  Like all the best and biggest libraries access is free [...]

The creation of a new domain extension

How do new domain names get created? And who gets first dibs on registering them? You might be surprised to know that it can take years to get a new domain extension approved. And even then, it’ll be months longer before the general public can buy the things. Inspired by starting to offer  .co domain [...]

Does IT make you happier?

Here at 123-reg Towers surrounded by computer equipment, working away on my PC with dual-monitors, and with my smart phone sat next to me, life is not so bad.  To the people over at the British Computer Society that’s not a surprise. A new report from them this week suggests a new global phenomena: “people [...]

Get more from your AdWords campaigns with Google Ad innovations

Google AdWords is the advertising service that is the basis of Google’s multi-billion dollar revenues. Although not the first in the market, AdWords almost single-handedly proved that search engines could make money from advertising. How it Works Most website owners are familiar with how it works: Advertisers bid to make their advert appear in the [...]

How will you vote?

Tomorrow the country goes to the polls. In what truly has been a Digital Election – TV debates, Twitter and Facebook use by would-be MPs – tradition reels us back in as voters visit the polling stations. In community centres, schools and halls across the country there will be no laptops, smart-phones or iPads. Instead, [...]