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Are Google setting up a game plan?

After the ‘success’ of the Pac-Man game that Google put on its home page – reports suggest surfers ‘wasted’ almost five million hours of work time playing the classic video game put on Google’s front page on 21 May to celebrate 30 years since the launch of Pac-Man in Japan – it appears Google are [...]

Getting the rest of Britain online

The new British coalition government is naturally trying to be everything to everybody and that is set to include the internet. In her role as UK digital champion founder, Martha Lane Fox has announced plans to get everybody of working age in Britain online by the end of the current Parliament – a population [...]

Help develop the latest Firefox

Firefox 4 Beta 1 is out now to download and Mozilla is looking for  new users to become part of its testing programme. The new Beta download out this week is exciting with Mozilla promising updated roll-outs “every two to three weeks” and they are keen to get as many users involved in the development [...]

Are these sharp practices damaging social networks?

Social media services like Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and Bebo started out as places where people could communicate with each other. But as we flocked to join these sites in vast numbers, businesses began waking up to their marketing potential. Now you can’t move for being asked to follow companies on Twitter or become their fan [...]

Is your PC protected properly?

It’s a dangerous world out there and however net-savvy you are, there is always some worm, trojan, virus or nasty more savvy than you and ready to do harm to your PC. The array of Anti-virus, PC-protections and safeguarding software options out there  almost out-number the potential threats and one with wide-ranging protections that updates [...]

Move over football as men turn to traditional passions

So after the internet peak for England’s World Cup group game against Slovenia – ISP Easynet Connect  announced an increase of traffic by 226% on that day as people at work clambered to catch the action – we find the national team dumped out of the competition. Yet, while the majority of the media may [...]