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Top six social media mistakes you should avoid

The exciting, fast-moving world of social media can also be a complete and utter minefield if you’re not careful. Plenty of companies have found this out to their cost, having failed to observe basic social media etiquette in the rush to start tweeting, rack up Facebook fans or pursue potential employees on LinkedIn. It’s easy [...]

A friend like me

Be they friends, followers or connections, the modern world is all about the size and potential of your own social network. Whether you then inadvertently neglect them or actively nurture them it’s always good to acknowledge and reward them with a symbol of thanks. The new 123-loyalty scheme offers you a perfect opportunity to do [...]


Whatever sort of content you are creating your key aim is probably to bring in as much traffic as possible. That’s where social media success can be vital in widening your reach and bring in new audiences. While we frequently talk about Twitter and Facebook we are also always keen to highlight the diverse and [...]

.so – This is the next big thing

At the start of the year we wrote about the potential security risks of short URLS and suggested you might look to establish your own ‘branded’ short domain that you could use for this purpose. Well now’s your chance to grab that perfect domain. .So domains are short, sharp and simple and actually so new [...]

Free Wifi could overcome data limits

Last year’s move by most mobile telecoms provider to clamp down on data-usage has probably slowed the growth of mobile surfing, particularly for data-zapping multimedia uses. Growth is certainly below what many would have expected, but that may just about to be given a kickstart. Those living and / or working in London could soon [...]