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Looking for a graduate jobs? Get a head start with online help

According to research from Independent Data Services, in 2010 there were 44 applicants for every graduate vacancy – an increase of about 25% on 2009. This year could be the same or worse, as people who weren’t able to secure a job last year give it another go. Statistics like this hardly make good reading [...]

Social shouldn’t just mean virtual

Yesterday, was one of those days when you can hear those Eureka moments happen in your head at regular intervals. I was at BlogCamp London run by Tots100 in connection with Talk Talk and hosted at the very comfortable and impressive Talk Talk Customer Experience Centre in Soho, London. Now I’ve been to loads of [...]

Be Smart: Make sure you are at their fingertips

OK its not a major revelation and we’ve written about here already this year, but smartphones are where your potential market is at and the latest report suggests its snowballing growth is bigger than ever predicted. The report from hi-tech analysts Canalys suggests that in the first quarter of this year alone – and remember [...]

Superinjunction: Why a bit of fun may harm us all.

The power of Twitter and the problems of Twitter were both highlighted over the weekend as twitterers care-free attitude led  to a host of rumours and allegations being posted under the hastag #superinjunction, which even led to the network going down briefly. For those not following recent news stories elsewhere in the media, a superinjunction [...]

Six tips to improve your social Media presence

Whatever your level of aptitude with Twitter and Facebook, there are many tweaks you can make to improve your presence in the social media sphere. Here are six to get you started: 1. Encourage people to link to you Make it easy for people to like and re-tweet your content. Include Social Media buttons whenever [...]

Brands uniting for social media rewards

In a move that appears to have been overlooked by much of the mainstream media, airline bmiBaby this week announced a blatant move into gamification via a tie-up with location-based network Gowalla. Announcing the deal as “a first for the European airline industry” the aim is to “create a unique customer loyalty reward system”. By [...]

Facebook becomes reality

Farmville addicts rejoice. No, there is not a Farmville 2 on the horizon, rather a real world version of Farmville run by the National Trust. After hours of virtual farming, and probably hours of abuse from those still not quite sold on the concept, Farmville fans can finally justify all of their efforts by signing [...]