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Facebook for blogging?

We’ve discussed the possibility of Facebook becoming the hub for ecommerce in the future and now one leading blogger is experimenting with Facebook as the home for his blog. Paul Bradshaw is a reader in online journalism at Birmingham City University, and a Visiting Professor at City University’s School of Journalism in London and is [...]

Ignore social media at your peril

In traditional business would you hand your rival a clear advantage by ignoring a route to market? A new report from office and business service specialists Regus suggests by ignoring social media for your company you could be doing just that. The report found that whereas 33% of companies successfully gained customers through social networking [...]

Are Android users App-y?

With sales of Android phones shooting through the roof, many expected the Android market to be awash with new dotcom millionaires by now…but it’s not. The uptake on android-based tablets has also been lower than expected. Many tablets have been designed with Android 3.0 at their heart and with the Android Market awash with thousands [...]

Content is still king – more or less…

We’ve featured video here before from Matt Cutts and this contribution on the Google Webmaster Central YouTube account is well worth viewing. Understanding how Google indexes and ranks has got to be easier to understand from those who deal with it every day an are responsible for tweaking it, right? Well we enjoy Matt Cutts’ [...]

Blogging can open doors

With setting up a blog via 123-apps so easy nowadays we thought this article we found on the Guardian website this week may offer some inspiration. It appears that cookery and food publishers are turning to food bloggers and making them the next wave of published cooks. It makes sense too. Via a blog you [...]

Have web designers been replaced?

In years gone by to get a website on the internet there was only two ways.  You could code and produce the website yourself or hire a web designer to produce your website.  This means you either needed to be a technical whiz or you would be slapped with a hefty fee from a web [...]

We all love a bargain

Your mum may have done it, your nan may still be doing it but the chances are, if you are in the 25-34 age group you are doing it more than most. Yes, traditional coupon collectors were seen with scissors in hand cutting cereal boxes and pages from magazines to grab their money-off vouchers, but [...]

Suspicious Minds?

A new report from security experts Bullguard suggests that nine out of ten people in Britain don’t trust the internet – that’s despite the fact that 75% of the nation are online and using the internet on a regular basis. Not surprisingly, the biggest caution appears to be around the risk of downloads and using [...]