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Using heatmaps to decide where to put calls to action

Years back, it was difficult to figure out what was really going on on your website. You could only assume why some visitors weren’t buying or why others were leaving the site in less than 5 seconds. These days, we have heatmaps. A heatmap is actually an image that shows you exactly where your visitors [...]

6 Mistakes in SEO Copywriting

There are no secrets to optimising content online but there are some basic rules you might want to consider, as well as some mistakes you should avoid making. Content is King. NOT keywords The first mistake in SEO copywriting is putting too much effort in to on-page optimisation and too little in to copywriting, the [...]

Have your Holiday wits about you

News recently that the European Commission wants to cut mobile phone overseas roaming charges has highlighted another modern phenomena. The fact is, the internet is so much part of our daily lives, many of us will take our annual vacation this year but still look to connect on the internet while away. Back in 2009 [...]

Are you .XXX cited?

It’s the nexxxt big thing and one of the biggest talking points in the hosting industry for years. This week we launched our .xxx domain registration and with lots of debate but mixed with a fair degree of mis-understanding we thought we’d try and explain a bit more. .XXX will clean up the internet, of [...]

Email – report of its death is greatly exaggerated

Admit it, your email inbox is cluttered with folders, messages and half-finished tasks. As much as email has made our life easier and more efficient – imagine standing over the fax machine every time you wanted to send a quick message between offices – the volume of email we now all deal with on a [...]

Remember this: Google makes us remember differently

We all know the internet has changed the way we do things, but a new study from a Psychologist at Columbia University, New York suggests that our reliance on being able to ‘Google that’ means modern brains now remember information differently than they traditionally did. The study, titled “Google Effects on Memory: Cognitive Consequences of [...]

Android Market getting new look.

A new look for Google’s Android Market should make finding a suitable app easier and more logical so they claim – but as yet it is only available in the US. A complete redesign takes a leaf from the iTunes store, making popular apps more obvious for visitors “In the home screen, we’ve created a [...]

Even Europe doesn’t understand the Cookie law

In a further bizarre twist surrounding the changes to the EU’s Privacy and Electronic Communications Directive forcing website owners to obtain specific consent to allow their cookies to be tracked – see our earlier post for background – Peter Hustinx, the European Data Protection Supervisor (EDPS) has suggested EU Commissioner Neelie Kroes had not been [...]

It’s the Doctor, Who tries Facebook rentals

We’d like to take the praise for predicting earlier this week that online TV was soon to come to these shores most likely in the form of classic repeats, but really it wasn’t a prediction of epic proportions, just progress. So we weren’t really surprised to find that BBC Worldwide is to start renting out [...]

TV moving online across the Atlantic

On the internet, death is just a word, it is not a status. Many a website has been left dormant, RSS feeds left without update and Facebook profiles even eerily left in suspension but for a wall full of sympathy messages. Now in the US even ‘worn-out’  TV programmes culled from the schedules can’t die - they [...]