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Google aims for the bullseye with Dart

This morning the Official Google Code blog revealed the giant’s latest step towards world domination – a new web programming language called Dart. In his blog post Lars Bak, Software Engineer, Dart Team, reveals just an early preview of Dart which he says aims to: Create a structured yet flexible language for web programming. Make [...]

Presenting the Social Media Buzz

If you were charged with collating and presenting the success of a traditional press release to your superiors you would probably be able to compile a clippings file fairly easily and put together an easy to understand presentation. Yet, what if you are asked to see how a release was covered in the social media [...]

Brand success is never guaranteed

It still is the real thing. Coca-Cola has been named the world’s most valuable brand for the 12th year running according to the respected Interbrand annual global brand report but Apple‘s value has increased by 58% year on year and at this rate will be challenging for a top three spot next year. Coca-Cola’s valuation [...]

Why every businessman and woman should blog

We’ve blogged before about why blogging works for your business but here’s six reasons why blogging is also good for you personally as a business person. 1. It encourages good time management A daily blog, even a weekly blog needs a degree of commitment and focus that too often our modern working lives lack. A [...]