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Does your small business need a Pay-Per-Click service?

A website is vital for any business. Any business which trades online needs to complement their efforts with some form of online advertising. The greatest challenge for any small business is getting potential customers through to a website and then ultimately converting. A common mistake for businesses is the belief that having a website is [...]

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Is your comfort zone holding your small business back?

A comfort zone is a behavioural state where one feels safe or at ease. This fairly common demonstrative position is not simply attributed to individuals but also to businesses. For many small businesses, sticking within a comfort zone is often easier than taking a leap of faith outside the norm but what opportunities is your [...]

Nick Leech

Learn the secret to branding your business on a shoestring

How much time do you spend thinking about your brand? If you’re totally honest the answer will probably be “not enough”. Which is understandable – managing a growing business is a full-time job and it can be hard to focus on the bigger picture

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Matching Generations: Maximising Potential

The internet creates many possibilities but also presents new barriers for a great deal of people too. Yet, studies show that those who embrace the internet and social media marketing have greater success in business than those who have yet to adopt them. Those not taking advantage of the online opportunities out there risk falling [...]

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Too much competition? Increase your traffic with long tail keywords

No matter what business or industry you’re in, you probably have an idea how competitive the search landscape is. Being in a very competitive industry means you are competing with hundreds if not thousands of sites that are targeting the same niche as you. This means they’re trying to rank for the same keywords as [...]


Why the now stream hasn’t killed the blog?

If certain articles in newspapers and rumours on Twitter are true, this should really be the last blog I write… but it won’t be. Blogging is not dead. Just as when blogging came along and gained success an people claimed newspapers and magazines were dead. Admittedly, amongst increased competition in a multi-platform environment readerships and [...]

Patrick Pulvermuller, CEO

A beginner’s guide to growing your business through strategy

Where do you want your business be in five years’ time? The more detail there is in your answer, the better your chances of achieving your goals. Developing and implementing a strategy will not only give you a stronger idea of what you want to achieve, it will also help you develop a roadmap for [...]