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Euro 2012: Top 5 iTunes Download Football Apps

  Tonight England takes on Sweden in their second game of Euro 2012, hoping for their first win in the competition. With iTunes applications there is now no reason you should miss any of this intriguing matchup, nor any of the rest of the tournament. We all know that the mobile phone app industry has [...]

What’s that splodge mean?

As a tech-savvy lot, many of you will already know what a QR code is or at least what it does, but as more and more advertisers turn to using it in print and even TV ads, we thought we’d try and come up with a short post of what, when, how and why QR [...]

1UP to those who Pong’d

Forget Call of Duty, FIFA et al, those of us of an older generation remember when gaming was about piling 10p pieces into a giant box in some arcade in an attempt to make clunky sprites move as fast as our fingers could pound the buttons. If you are of the age where the coin-op [...]