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My family think I am. Are you?

Addicted to using your smartphone? I have to admit I have had the odd complaint at the family dinner table after finding myself checking for that all important email as my phone buzzed (at least it was on silent), and the latest survey from Ofcom suggests I am not alone. I even fit into the [...]

Android Market getting new look.

A new look for Google’s Android Market should make finding a suitable app easier and more logical so they claim – but as yet it is only available in the US. A complete redesign takes a leaf from the iTunes store, making popular apps more obvious for visitors “In the home screen, we’ve created a [...]

How to run a GEO social campaign on Foursquare

If 2006 was all about Facebook, and 2008 was the year of Twitter, then 2010 might reasonably be claimed by Foursquare and it’s not stopping in 2011. Social media with location check-ins is a popular activity amongst young, urban, liberal technologists – the so called Twitterati, the self same ‘twinfluencers’ who made Twitter popular. The [...]

Are Android users App-y?

With sales of Android phones shooting through the roof, many expected the Android market to be awash with new dotcom millionaires by now…but it’s not. The uptake on android-based tablets has also been lower than expected. Many tablets have been designed with Android 3.0 at their heart and with the Android Market awash with thousands [...]

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Do tablets ease the pain?

With Blackberry launching their Playbook tablet in the UK next month, the push for businesses to invest in tablets is  on. Blackberry’s offering will no doubt prove popular with the business market where it has a strong following on the back of its smartphone range. The Playbook also appears to have everything a business-user may [...]

What’s that splodge mean?

As a tech-savvy lot, many of you will already know what a QR code is or at least what it does, but as more and more advertisers turn to using it in print and even TV ads, we thought we’d try and come up with a short post of what, when, how and why QR [...]

Be Smart: Make sure you are at their fingertips

OK its not a major revelation and we’ve written about here already this year, but smartphones are where your potential market is at and the latest report suggests its snowballing growth is bigger than ever predicted. The report from hi-tech analysts Canalys suggests that in the first quarter of this year alone – and remember [...]

It’s all app-enning

Smartphones are our future so we keep getting told and a recent survey reported recently in New Media Age suggests the UK consumer is embracing App technology as a way of purchasing, ordering and simply spending money online. In fact the the research conducted by OnePoll on behalf of the marketing firm The Bio Agency, [...]

UK M-Commerce hits 10 million customers

A new survey from Harris Interactive and commissioned by online customer experience management firm Tealeaf, has revealed that the number of people completing commercial transactions via their mobile in the UK topped 10 million last year. Yet whilst many chose the method for convenience and ease, a massive 83% of them reported experiencing problems when [...]

Goodbye 3G here comes 4….although not soon enough

Among the budgetary announcements this week, plans for an auction of new a new 4G spectrum next year were revealed. After the 3G (third generation) sell-off off of bandwidth a decade ago helped off-set government spending to the tune of £22.5 million, the Chancellor will be hoping there is a similar amount to be made [...]