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What does the Facebook News Feed algorithm mean to business?

Facebook recently announced it has rolled out a couple of changes to its News Feed algorithm that are supposed to better determine which posts should appear in users’ feeds. So, if you’ve read bits and pieces about Facebook’s Story Bumping and Last Actor changes and want to know what the two concepts mean for your [...]

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Getting to grips with YouTube content creation

There’s no denying the influence of YouTube on our modern world. More and more of us are watching our daily video fix online, the channel continues to compete as one of the most used ‘search engines’ and you would be hard-pushed to find anybody even under the age of 60 in the UK who has [...]

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Creating a LinkedIn group to build your business

LinkedIn groups are the most powerful tool on LinkedIn. Hands down. You can build leadership by creating engaging discussions around topics of interest, share your expertise, promote your business and grow your network. In fact, when used right, it can even help you build your entire business, promote and sell products and services and become [...]

How can businesses use Facebook’s new embedded posts functionality?

If your business has a presence on Facebook, take note. Facebook has recently rolled out an embedded posts functionality that enables you to embed Facebook status updates, pictures or videos to your site and blog posts. While this is a new feature on Facebook, it’s nothing new in social media as Twitter and Vine have [...]

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Six ways to boost your business social media presence

Social media has never been so important to boosting your business, so boosting your social media is a quick and proven way of giving your business that extra kick and momentum. Here’s 6 top tips to help you on your way: 1 Think like a customer It’s great to have a presence on this social [...]

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Using Twitter as a sales tool without losing followers

Twitter is and always should be a communication tool not a sales channel. Yet, while blatant “buy here” tweets should be avoided that’s not to say that you shouldn’t use Twitter as an insight tool to help you reach and beat your sales targets. Here’s 6 ways that you can use twitter to improve your [...]

Why trust is king and 6 ways to build it

No matter what business you’re in, you probably know by now that the key to (increasing) conversion is getting people to trust you. Trust that the product or service you’re selling does what you say it does; trust that you won’t make yourself scarce once a customer pays for your product; trust that you’re reliable, [...]