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Learn SEO from the experts

6 sources for SEO tips you must bookmark

Like most of you, I stumbled into SEO. I was working for a marketplace that was selling website templates and the CEO asked me to look into that “SEO stuff”.  It’s been a long, yet exciting learning experience since then; sometimes I struggled understanding certain terms and practices but it was all part of the [...]

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Get Noticed and Gain New Customers before the day is out

Allowing for a short lunch break, some procrastination and the usual things that crop up, you now have around 6 hours between now and close of the daily business.  Be pro-active and make sure your business raises its profile in that quarter of a day and brings in potential new custom. Here’s six ways you [...]

Xmas pressies

Black Friday / Cyber Monday – are you ready to sell?

In two weeks time, those in the know expect the busiest time of the year in USA retail with the knock-on effect to the UK and across the globe expected to be strong too.
So what about you? Are you ready for an increase in Christmas shoppers? Is your site ready to offer an enhanced Christmas shopping experience? Here’s our 6 top tips on making your site ready for some Santa-stic sales.

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6 Free Web Design Tools to get your site up and running

You don’t need to be a wizard with HTML, CSS and other acronyms to build a website, but if you want an online presence, build a website is what you will have to do. If money is tight and your expertise limited you can still make it happen. Here are some tools anyone can use to get a website presence up and running:

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6 Must-have elements to make your landing page convert

No matter how fancy your design is and no matter how clever your copy is, your site will never convert as well as it could. Why? Because you are trying to please everyone by creating a standard site that fits all. For instance, you have visitors coming to your site from a Google campaign but those are different from the visitors who come to your site from Facebook or Twitter.

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New Month, New Regime – 6 ways to make this month more productive

It’s a new month and the stress is already visible in everything you do. It’s not the easiest economic climate to do business but higher productivity and greater efficiency is the key to success in such tough ttimes. So you need to re-focus, re-order and re-align. Here’s 6 ways to do just that: 1 Forget [...]

Dodgy Dan

How to make your business look more professional

Appearance does count. It’s why we dress-up for special occasions and it’s why so many service-type jobs are in the business of keeping buildings, people and online presences neat and tidy. That applies to your business as well as your self and if you can gain an extra metre over your rivals why ignore it. [...]

Top 6 tips on motivating yourself to work from home

Some people say I’m lucky to be working from home. I know I am. However, most of those who say that are people who have never worked remotely and think it’s total freedom. Watching TV in your pyjamas, eating snack foods, firing up the Xbox360 while your laptop is on the couch next to you, [...]

Working From Home: Staying in Contact

© Photographer: Carol Afshar | Agency: As a remote worker you’re deprived of even the simplest, most common forms of communication -like a fun conversation at the water cooler – which are vital forms of connection and information. You’re not only losing face-to-face time but also feel like you’re losing camaraderie. As with everyone, [...]