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What’s in a Numeric Domain? The Rise of Universal Numbers

Given the news that Chinese web publisher paid € 56,000 for the domain name at Great Domains, a domain auction venue, we wanted to review numeric domain trends. A quick look at the top ranked sites in China reveals three numeric domains which rank among the country’s sites:, and are [...]

Nominet registrar conference

The Nominet .uk registrar conference is being held today at Wembley Stadium. I’ve just arrived, after a hike round to find the right conference room. The first presentation is just kicking off, with the Today Program’s Sarah Montague introducing, so I’ll be back with an update shortly.

£1 shared hosting on 123-reg!

Yes you read that correctly, £1 shared hosting on 123-reg! Thats the sales spiel out of the way. Our top tier shared hosting package ‘Starter Pro Hosting‘  is now only £1 per month for the first six months of your annual contract, which makes it cheaper than the middle tier package ‘Starter Plus’. I’m trying [...]