We’ve covered these sorts of stories time and time again and we even suggested it would happen again this year,  so you may have thought the chances of a big brand hitting the headlines by failing to renew their domain properly would be pretty remote. Yet week three of the year and we are reporting the same.

This time it was automotive retail specialist Halfords.com. Visitors to the domain yesterday and still today were greeted with a holding page for Network Solutions and an invitation to renew the domain.

Halfords were quoted in the press as saying the lack of availability of their usual main site  was down to “a temporary administrative issue in our domain name renewal process”, which they said was now complete and that it expected the site to be available soon. While the supporting apology to customers for any inconvenience may work with some, the fact that the site has now been down for over 24 hours will have hit hard. No doubt the person who allowed the domain to expire will have some explaining to do to bosses too.

Don’t risk falling foul of domain expiry for domains stored in your 123-reg account. Make sure you have auto-renewal switched on for any domains you can’t afford to lose and also that we hold up-to-date card details that can be used to pay for automatic renewals.

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  • Myka

    Yes, Tim. I agree with you. A domain name can have an impact to your starting website or blog. It helps build credibility on your blog. You should select a domain name that has the ability to enhance the branding of a product, service, or business. What’s more is that it can improve your search engine ranking.

    February 10, 2011 at 4:08 am