Back at the end of July, Google announced  via the Official Google Blog, that they were winding down Google Labs, the place where embryonic ideas of the past have been allowed space and exposure to breathe and develop.

Since then projects such as App Inventor for Google, Talk Guru and more recently Google News Timeline have fallen away into history. Next up is Google Squared which Google says will be shut down on September 5th.

If you’ve not seen Google Squared  before make sure you do before it goes. In the modern era it is probably seen as too fiddly and in many ways it reminds me of how a real-life Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy would work.

It takes your search term and assembles related search results in tables, with data presented across rows and down columns. While the format may not have been successful, Google’s move towards related search, has probably been heavily informed by the technology behind Google Squared.

If you have used Google Squared before (it’s been around since June 2009) and have any saved squares make sure you save them down before 5th September (you can export as CSV files or Google spreadsheets).

Don’t be surprised if the concept behind Google Squared pops-up elsewhere in a future Google project. The ability to manually customise the square created and modify the ‘relationships’, is something many see as the missing piece from Google’s current suggestion approach. Google has also said that whilst Google Labs will not exist as a separate entity the work of the labs will be continued within existing product lines.

What do you think of Google Squared?

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