© London 2012

© London 2012

There’s plenty of coverage today about the London Olympics being two years away, with lots of spin about projects being ahead of schedule. If you don’t believe them the Web cams from around the Olympic Park seem to back those claims up but that’s about it in terms of technology.

The Official London 2012 website is fairly informative but the section covering technology is pretty sparse. We are constantly being told that it will be an e-Olympics with full WiFi, etc but so far the firm details on public release are very limited. Yes there is a blog, online maps, photos, short-clip videos and virtual tours, but that’s all standard for event sites nowadays. Perhaps two years is too long a time in techno0logy terms to really be planning what technology will be used and available but you can’t help wondering if the tightening of budgets in the economic climate may see the opportunity for a truly digital Olympics unfulfilled.

Perhaps, that leaves the door open for independent projects perhaps with more user-generated content and interactivity, but we warned. As many found to their dismay during the recent football World Cup, the lawyers are likely to be quick and sharp in closing down any unofficial site that might be trading on the Olympic name, breaching trademarks, etc.

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