As a website owner, the chances are that you’ve thought long and hard about how to drive traffic to your website from Google. You can do this through either Search Engine Optimisation or Pay per Click Advertising.

Whichever you choose – and we recommend both – the first step on this journey is all about identifying the right keywords to use in your campaign. That’s where the Google Insights for Search tool can come in handy.

Once you’ve found a search term you think you want to use, type it into the Google Insights search box. The tool lets you know the number of searches for that term, looks at the data historically, and produces a graph to show how that search term has trended since 2004. You can also compare 2 or more search terms on the same graph, to see which is the most popular.

This gets interesting when you start to filter the search term data by industrial sector (called a ‘vertical’) and geographical area. A good example of this can be found by looking at the search term ‘blackberry’. Almost all searches including the word ‘blackberry’ will be related to the mobile phone. If you sell fruit online, you do not want your website to rank highly in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) for searches related to mobile phones! But you still need to know how many searches are relevant to ‘blackberry’ the fruit.

You can use Google Insights to filter results to just the Food & Drink category.

Let’s say you are based in Kent, you might only be able to deliver fruit to the South East.  You can use Google Insights to filter by Geography. What you’re left with are the search trends for those searches that are specifically relevant to selling blackberries (the fruit) in the South East.

If you sell a seasonal product, Google insights can also help you identify when demand will be high.

Searches for ‘buy Easter egg’ peaked this year on the 8th April, which was actually 4 days before Easter. If you sell Easter eggs online then you need to make sure that your Google AdWords account has excess of budget on this day, and that you are holding enough stock.

Google Insights can also help you find out whether it’s worth stocking a new product on your website, or removing others from your inventory. Before making any decisions, enter the product name into Google Insights to see whether searches for that product are going up or down.

If the trend is rising fast then you might want to start featuring that product on your site. For falling graphs, maybe it’s not worth restocking that item.

Although all the graphs produced by Google represent an index rather than an actual figure, Google Insights is still a great tool to identify search trends relevant to your website.
Have a go at using the tool to see what you can find.

There are many more tools you can use to identify powerful keywords and search trends. Find out more about our Pay per click management solutions.

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