Twitter has had a facelift; a make-over; a tweak. Or at least so they tell me. I’ve seen the screenshots, I’ve even read some tweets about how ‘awesome’ it is, but like many I speak to it is something I have yet to experience. The roll out of the new look is underway but will be gradual.

The idea behind the new look is to engage the customer within the Twitter site. With more and more users turning to client’s like Tweetdeck, Seesmic and Hootsuite Twitter is keen to keep its clients locked into its own site, building its own brand and opening up the possibility of advertising campaigns.

The new look gives the Twitter site a two panel split-screen once you are logged in. The left panel displays tweets, mentions, retweets, lists and a search while on the right, your profile, trends, lists and favourites are shown. The idea is to encourage you to look, click and interact more within the site. Nothing revolutionary for the the first major change since launch of Twitter four years ago but initial reaction does seem good.

So what if like me you are still stuck with the old version. Well you can’t fast-track to the new look but you can try this nifty web app Am I upgraded Yet? which will apparently send you a Direct message (DM) from your own account when you have been upgraded to the new look Twitter.

Have you got the new look? What do you think?

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