We all know the power of Google and while it has dipped toes into the social media sphere before and failed, this time, with Google + most of the experts are taking notice and suggesting they’ve got it right. But why?

1. It’s indexed by Google

This clearly means that anything you put there, any mention of your business, any discussions you are involved in are definitely throwing your name out there. The more mentions of your name, the more appearances on Google search and hopefully the more business will come your way.

 2. It’s busy

People signed up in their thousands last year to Google + and while that is slowing down, it is not something those already signed up are ignoring. Latest research suggests that 60% of Google + users are logging in every day and that 80% of them are engaging with their circles every week.

3. It’s big

The total number of Google + members is said to have passed the 90 million mark, so that’s a pretty wide potential audience. Not as large as other more established networks of course, but remember thise signing up to Google + have probably done so as they are more committed to engaging and want to take more of a part in the network. Those go-getters are perfect for your business.

 4. It’s more customisable

Maybe not in look, but in function, which is perfect for you when you are trying to run a business too. Gooogle’s search background is clearly evident in what you can do with Google +. Rank other people’s posts and shares and personalise how you order people within circles (effectively groups) you have created. You can define how, what, where and when you see and engage with what is going on on Google +.

 5. Creating a business page is easy

OK, it’s not branding friendly, but people are still searching for text, so that is perfect. Creating a page is literally a few clicks with the minimum of fuss and you then have a hub to work from on the network and increase your brand or at least ‘name’ visibility.

 6. Your competitors may not be there… yet

Stealing a march on the opposition is always good and when the tool is as potentially powerful as Google + that could be massive. More and more businesses are wising up, so you may have to be quick, but becoming an expert on Google + may just be the perfect way of staying ahead of your competition and at least showing to potential customers you are not stuck in the dark ages.

If you are serious about using social media as part of your business – and if you are serious about your business you should be – then Google + is where it is about to all happen. If you learn nothing else and appear on only one social media network, Google + is most likely where you need to be.

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