Since we starting writing this blog just under 18 months ago, traffic to this section of 123-reg has been growing steadily each month. Earlier this week I was looking back at some of the earlier posts and thought it was a shame new readers will never come across some of the useful and interesting content we wrote early on. Below are the 6 posts I think stood out in the first year or so of the blog…

1. The Chris Anderson interview
By far the most visited and commented on post we have ever done, John was able to get an interview with Wired editor and author of “The long Tail” Chris Anderson about his new concept of the free economy.

2. Search engine pay per click guide
Early on in the blog’s life I wrote a 5 part guide for beginners using search engine pay per click (SEPPC) advertising. The link above will take you to the final part, but that has links to the other 4 for you to check out.

3. Pet porn and hand grenades
The best post title we have ever had, and one which would have made it on this list regardless of the content I like it that much. Luckily it is also a very interesting interview with the founder of the “Darwin awards” website.

4. Tips to improve your website copy
One of those areas that is so important but often done in a rush or and with no planning.

5. The award for our most controversial post goes to…
This post received the angriest reponses we have had after we made the mistake of questioning the background of a number of well known domain names

6. Writing an effective PPC advert
With only 25 characters (including spaces) for your title and 70 for the main body of the ad, getting noticed, communicating your message and getting clicked on can be an art.

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  • John

    And to turn the top six into a top seven, one of my favourites is this (relatively-recent) post listing some really useful tools to test your website.

    I liked it because I did a fair bit of research and uncovered some genuinely useful tools that I hadn’t seen before. It’s always good when you find a new gem that makes your life a bit easier.

    September 12, 2008 at 11:51 am