User experience between the desktop and the mobile device

Tips from user interface guru – Jakob Nielsen

Jacok Nielsen is an expert when it comes to web usability and user experience. He’s actually the founder of usability science and his contribution has helped a lot in understanding how human-PC interaction works.

He recently published a few reports on mobile usability and his research turned out to be very insightful, as usual.  In a recent interview, Nielsen pointed out the key differences between the user’s behaviors when accessing the Internet from a PC and when he’s accessing it via a mobile device.

The usability guru explains that mobile users are less committed and less focused. That’s because they’re using their phones while on the go – while waiting for the bus, while watching TV or while shopping – which means that this is actually not their primary activity, so they’re not 100% focused.

App vs Site

Nielsen also talks about the advantages of apps over sites, which he states are a lot faster and include plenty of features that people enjoy using, such as location.

Nielsen recommends

Using larger touch  targets – such as links – so mobile users can easily tap on it and navigate to another page.

Eliminate the nice-to-have content or design elements and instead focus on including only what’s relevant for the users. He says that “when everything is prominent, nothing is prominent”.

Include little content. Short copy is too long. It should be ultra-short, he explains.

In conclusion, when it comes to mobile usability include as little content as possible, but enough to engage with your mobile users.

Check out Jakob Nielsen’s website for more great resources on web and mobile usability.

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