Using ASP scripting for a contact form

This article applies to Windows Shared Hosting accounts.

Although 123-reg does not directly provide scripting support you can use our sample asp script in order to send email via a contact form.

Please click here to download the script, you will need to change the following values as highlighted below and then save the file as a .asp extension.

'To get the script to work please set the following values:

'Set the credentials for your email account to send the email from

username="" 'Insert your email account username between the double quotes

password="" 'Insert your email account password between the double quotes

'Set the from and to email addresses

sendFrom = "" 'Insert the email address you wish to send from

sendTo = "" 'Insert the email address to send to in here


The smtp mail server validates the Sendfrom field, therefore this field needs to contain a valid mail address created within your hosting account for example

If you have forgotten your email login details click here to find out how to retrieve them.

Please Note: For further information and support with asp scripting please see

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