How to get yourself online with 123-reg

This video will show you just how easy it is to get yourself or your business online.


Getting yourself online


Hi there, in this video we will show you just how easy it is to get yourself or your business online with 123-reg.

We will show you how to:

Choose your perfect domain name, and how to pick the best hosting option to get you online.


So what is a domain name?

A domain name, in the simplest terms, is the name for your website.

Without a domain name your website address would just be a series of numbers, which is not only hard to remember, but will make it near impossible for anyone to find your website.

So instead, an easy to remember domain name is assigned to help locate your website.

So what about choosing a domain name:

Well 123-reg has a great simple to use domain search tool that will categorise all the domain extensions available for your domain name.

For example, say your website is about music reviews, you could search for: musicreviews

and If your chosen domain name and extension has not already been taken, you can easily purchase it with 123-reg.

If your perfect domain has already been purchased why not check out our new gTLD extensions.

There are a wide range of available extensions to choose from and they can also help to establish an instant recognition to what your website or business may be offering.

Once you’ve settled on your domain name, it’s time to start establishing your online presence. So let’s learn about the best options for getting your website online.


Web hosting is a space online for your website, so people can view it.

Any individual or business hosting a website will have some form of web hosting space.

So let’s decide which one you’ll need.

Website Builder:

If you do not have a website created, then the easiest way to create and host your website is by using Website Builder.

Website Builder uses a simple drag and drop technique to allow you to easily create a website, and is great for users who have never created a website before.

With Website Builder you don’t need to worry about any coding or confusing website creation jargon, just simply create the website design you want and then easily publish it to the web, all within the same package.

Application hosting:

If you’re looking for something which is still easy to use but allows you to customise more advanced features, then application hosting may be the right option for you.

The different application hosting packages which we have are WordPress, Joomla and Drupal.

They are known as Content Management Systems, or CMS.

A Content Management System allows you to add and edit your website content using an administration page, but doesn’t require you to have any website coding or programming knowledge in order to create a website.

Most CMS hosting platforms will also include a design mode or WYSIWYG editor, which stands for what you see, is what you get, and helps with the creation of your web pages.

Cloud Hosting:

If you’re one step ahead and already have a website created, then our cloud hosting package will be perfect for you.

Cloud hosting uses a group of servers which work together to provide your website with the power it needs when it needs it.

Say your website is experiencing high volumes of traffic; the server will tap into additional resources to ensure that your website can run as powerfully and as fast as it can.

With cloud hosting you can easily upload your website to your hosting space, so it can be viewed online.

So, getting online couldn’t be simpler:

- Just choose your unique domain name,

- Decide on the best hosting option for your needs.

- And get yourself online.

For further information on getting yourself or your business online check out the 123-reg support center at


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