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Welcome to 123-loyalty, the customer referral scheme that makes sure you always go rewarded. Each time you refer a friend who becomes a 123-reg customer, you earn points for every purchase, including domain names!

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Is someone you know looking for an easy web solution or to register a domain, host a site, upload photos, build a web presence or run a blog? Well, refer them to us and you'll earn points on every new referral, which you can spend on any of our fantastic products.

Are you already a 123-reg customer? Great, you can start earning 123-loyalty points right away on our entire product range including domains. Simply log into your 123-loyalty control panel.

How you can use your points

Upon a successful referral, your points will appear in your 123-reg loyalty control panel. 1 point is the equivalent of £1 credit which you can use to purchase products and services from 123-reg.

Log in to your 123-loyalty Control Panel and start referring now!


Not a 123-reg customer? Sign up free and start earning 123-loyalty points!

There are 2 ways to invite a friend

1 Word of mouth

Give your referral ID* to friends

Ask them to enter it into the referral ID box
when ordering products*.

* Your referral ID can be found on the homepage of your 123-loyalty control panel. Earn points

2 Send an email

Invite a friend

Their invitation will explain: The benefits of our product range How the 123-loyalty scheme works The £5 of points they'll receive if they buy from us

Earn points
NEW now includes domains

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