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Alex Moss

Alex is the Director of FireCask, a digital agency based in Manchester specialising in Search, Creative Content Production and WordPress development. Alex is also the Co-Founder Peadig, a WordPress theme framework (that also powers the 123 Reg Content Hub) as well as delevoptions WordPress plugins. His most well known plugins are Facebook Comments and Twitter Feed.

Posts by Alex Moss:

Google Hangouts: international collaborative working.


I have had a very busy few weeks. Monday saw the launch of my new company, FireCask, a digital marketing agency that specialises in WordPress and Creative Content amongst other things. The company was formed through many hours of videoconferencing, most of it being done through Google+ Hangouts (you can read more about our launch…

8 WordPress Plugins you have to Install


WordPress is one of the most well known blogging platforms. In recent years it has evolved so much that people like myself use it as the CMS of choice for all their websites. As well as this you can install a wide range of plugins, acting like extensions/add-ons to the WordPress platform, that can really…