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Webinar: Turning website visitors into customers


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In our latest webinar I’ll be addressing one of the most pressing issues in online business – getting website visitors to actually buy from you. In the video, I’ll explain the principles behind improving user experience and look at the best way to make your site somewhere customers want to buy from. Click play to…

Use Google Browser Size Tool to improve your web design


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Web Design isn’t easy. You’ve got to think about menu structure, page layout, colours, fonts and images. When setting out each page, you need to sort out where everything goes. Your menu bar, logo, text, products, forms and buttons all need to slot together into a single design. So how can you decide what goes…

Web Hosting Glossary


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Web hosting can be at bit overwhelming at times, so we’ve compiled a short glossary of the terms which regularly confuse our customers. If there are any words you feel we’ve missed, please leave them in the comment field and we’ll add them to the glossary. A Record – An A record is part of…

Turbo charge your AdWords campaign with ‘Sitelinks’


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Turbo charge your AdWords campaign with ‘Sitelinks’ If you use Google AdWords to drive visitors to your website, you might already be aware of an exciting new feature they released last week. Google are calling it ‘Sitelinks’, and it allows you to add lots more links onto your AdWords creative What does it look like?…

How to get more when you Search on Twitter


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When it comes to search engines in 2009, most of the buzz has been around ‘Twitter Search’.  Twitter allows you to search for what people are talking about in ‘real time’. Both Google and Bing have jumped on the ‘real-time’ bandwagon. To start with Google started featuring almost-real-time results from prominent bloggers, and Bing began…

Ready for a sweet treat? We now tweet!


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Unless you’ve been paying zero attention to the newspapers, TV and web over the last few months, you must’ve heard of Twitter. The ‘microblogging’ site has received loads of press – helped by people like Stephen Fry and Jonathan Ross who’ve enthusiastically taken to the service. We’ve now joined them, and if you already use…