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Jed Wylie is the author of Make Your Website Sell and works for Morgan Wylie a web design and digital marketing agency in the Midlands.

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The Web Owner’s Blueprint (Turn Visitors Into Customers)

Make Your Website Sell - Jed Wylie

So, you’ve built your website, got traffic coming in droves through AdWords and you’re building fantastic relationships with prospects through your powerful email marketing campaign. The next step is to take your website and optimize it.  This means maximizing the number of prospects who become customers and how you achieve that is through testing.  Imagine…

The Web Owner’s Blueprint (Get Instant Traffic to Your Website)

Make Your Website Sell - Jed Wylie

Your site is live, you’re rapidly becoming a marketing guru, now’s the time to flex your Internet muscles! The biggest problem for new, and often existing websites, is getting traffic (or visitors) to them.  The adage of “Build it and they will come” is often met by the Internet’s stark response of “No they won’t”. …

The Web Owner’s Blueprint (7 Principles of Internet Marketing)

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Owning and running a website requires a strategy – without strategy you can’t have direction and without direction you can’t have purpose and without purpose… well you get the idea.  Having a strategy or a blueprint will give you a structure from which to build your online success using a simple formula. In last week’s…

The Web Owner’s Blueprint (Mindset and Web Designers)

Make Your Website Sell - Jed Wylie

Whether you are building your website or growing an existing one having a strategy for success will help enormously.  In fact you simply cannot expect to be successful without it. Why? Well, often website owners struggle and struggle is a very clear message.  It’s the message that something is wrong.  After years of working with…

Yet more offline techniques to help you make more money online

Make Your Website Sell - Jed Wylie

Hopefully, you’ve already begun to put into action some if not all of the tips share in my earlier articles 2 Offline Techniques To Help You Make More Money Online and 2 (More) Offline Techniques To Help You Make More Money Online, you may already have begun to see some positive results too. Marketing can often be…

Two more offline techniques to help you make more money online

Make Your Website Sell - Jed Wylie

 In last week’s blog I described two techniques for linking your offline marketing with your website.  Connecting the two worlds together can create greater results than the sum of either of them independently.  In other words by you can generate more sales and enquiries if your offline marketing references your website and vice versa. Let’s…

Improve your enquiry form – make your website sell

Make Your Website Sell - Jed Wylie

For many websites getting someone to fill in their enquiry form is the ultimate goal because that counts as a lead you can follow up.  So, think of your enquiry form as the last step in your website’s sales process.  It’s a little like having done all the selling but now needing your visitor to…