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Top 6…questions to ask an SEO consultant/ agency


Following on from a previous post Questions to ask a web designer before you use them, I thought I would expand the idea to another area a lot of website owners consider outsourcing, SEO (Search Engine Optimisation ). This list is by no means exhaustive but it should hopefully point you in the right direction if you…

Top 6…. examples of link bait


Links are the holy grail of any website with aspirations of being ranked in the top 20 results on Google, both in terms of quantity and quality. How you go about getting those links is the area of SEO that sets one site apart from another. Bought, traded or mutual links can only get you so…

Interview with domainer Rob Taylor


Rob Taylor is a domainer with twelve years experience of internet development. He’s been actively involved in the domain community for seven years. Rob runs ‘Hey‘, a company which provides domain name brokering and acquisition services along side building useful websites on great domain names such as and We recently chatted to Rob…

Questions to ask a web designer before you use them


There reaches a stage in many web site owner’s lives where their web design skill set is not at the level they need to fulfill their vision. As a frustrated web designer myself (i.e. I enjoy coding but I have zero eye for design) I have often thought about paying some one else to set…

Top 6… old posts you haven’t read yet but you really should


Since we starting writing this blog just under 18 months ago, traffic to this section of 123-reg has been growing steadily each month. Earlier this week I was looking back at some of the earlier posts and thought it was a shame new readers will never come across some of the useful and interesting content…

Domain name lessons from Dragons’ Den


Watching Dragons’ Den on BBC2 last night, I found myself literally shouting at the TV at one of the prospective investments. It was a website that has video recipes for people to watch and follow on the domain name The two candidates stated they had approx 15,000 unique impressions per month, which is a lot…

£1 shared hosting on 123-reg!


Yes you read that correctly, £1 shared hosting on 123-reg! Thats the sales spiel out of the way. Our top tier shared hosting package ‘Starter Pro Hosting‘  is now only £1 per month for the first six months of your annual contract, which makes it cheaper than the middle tier package ‘Starter Plus’. I’m trying…

Hitwise top 10 site


123-reg has been recognised by Hitwise as a Top 10 Award winner for April – June 2008. During this period, 123-reg was one of the most visited websites in the UK in the category of “Computers and Internet – Hosting and Domain Registrations”.

Customer showcase:


We recently spoke to illustrator and designer David Prosser about his 123-reg hosted site   What is your name? David Prosser How old are you? 22 What do you do? Illustrator and Animator, studying a MA in animation at the Royal College of Art. What is your favourite movie? Koyaanisqatsi (also known as Koyaanisqatsi:…