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Handy SEO analyser


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I’ve stumbled across a handy little website analyser called The Reaction Engine, which is worth checking out if you look after a website and are tasked with getting better search engine results. It’s pretty cool, allowing you to enter the URL and find out how your website performs against key indicators such as download time,…

Facebook gets poked in the eye from Bebo


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Bebo has surprised me by being identified as the UK’s biggest social networking website, particularly since almost everyone I know is obsessed by Facebook right now. According to a piece on Pocketlink , Bebo also picks up 63% of the European market, ahead of global leader MySpace. ComScore figures for July show that Bebo got…

Why isn’t your business blogging?


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Research and new media company e-Consultancy has produced a list of 12 Reasons why businesses aren’t blogging. Chris Lake doesn’t pull any punches, blaming risk-averse CEOs and PR companies for being reluctant to take the plunge. I can see why businesses think it’s a big deal letting staff loose on a company blog and considering…