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6 Tips on Colour for Web Designers


If ever there was a single factor in web design that could alienate or entrance a client in one hit, it is colour. Colour schemes are incredibly emotive things and have many connotations to different people so here are 6 tips to try and help you get it right first time. 1. Ask the client…

Are you .XXX cited?


It’s the nexxxt big thing and one of the biggest talking points in the hosting industry for years. This week we launched our .xxx domain registration and with lots of debate but mixed with a fair degree of mis-understanding we thought we’d try and explain a bit more. .XXX will clean up the internet, of…

Remember this: Google makes us remember differently


We all know the internet has changed the way we do things, but a new study from a Psychologist at Columbia University, New York suggests that our reliance on being able to ‘Google that’ means modern brains now remember information differently than they traditionally did. The study, titled “Google Effects on Memory: Cognitive Consequences of…

It’s the Doctor, Who tries Facebook rentals


We’d like to take the praise for predicting earlier this week that online TV was soon to come to these shores most likely in the form of classic repeats, but really it wasn’t a prediction of epic proportions, just progress. So we weren’t really surprised to find that BBC Worldwide is to start renting out…

Ooops, someone did it again!


We seem to report these slip-ups on a regular basis but this time Disney are the big corporate left with egg on their face after failing to automatically renew the domain name for their kid-focused social-media / entertainment site Club Penguin. With an estimated 12 million members and lots of media coverage sure to follow,…

Are Android users App-y?


With sales of Android phones shooting through the roof, many expected the Android market to be awash with new dotcom millionaires by now…but it’s not. The uptake on android-based tablets has also been lower than expected. Many tablets have been designed with Android 3.0 at their heart and with the Android Market awash with thousands…

Blogging can open doors


With setting up a blog via 123-apps so easy nowadays we thought this article we found on the Guardian website this week may offer some inspiration. It appears that cookery and food publishers are turning to food bloggers and making them the next wave of published cooks. It makes sense too. Via a blog you…