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Danger – wet floor!


Conversation in the design team has turned to the ‘wet floor effect’ this afternoon. It’s something that’s been cropping up loads on the Internet, so I thought I’d write about it. Here are some illustrations to illustrate what we mean: Still reading? Great – you might be interested in…

Don’t click here!


I’ve been helping staff around the office with our new blog toy and something that’s cropped up is the way people use ‘click here’ links. Example: ‘to download Adobe Acrobat please click here‘ ‘to change your life, click here‘ Whilst this won’t break your website, it is bad practice, and here’s why: It doesn’t describe…

There goes another bank holiday


Ho hum, it whizzed by. I hope everyone enjoyed themselves, despite all the rain. Just a reminder that we’re running a survey to get feedback from you all about our products and services and what you would like to see in the future. Your feedback is what makes us tick (both good and bad) so…

Pipex nose a good thing!


Red Nose Day is the biggest fundraising event in the UK calendar – and Pipex Business Services are the Official Managed Hosting partner for Comic Relief. With millions of people logging onto the Red Nose Day site to make donations, Comic Relief need the most solid and reliable digital platform available. Pipex will be…

World’s premier new music convention to be hosted by 123-reg


‘In the City’, billed as the World’s premier new music convention, will this year be sponsored by 123-reg. Mark Beyer, sales and marketing director at 123-reg adds, “Our dedicated servers will ensure the In the City website is kept online and accessible at all times, allowing a constant information source to all visitors to the…