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When Peter Steiner included the phrase “On the internet nobody knows if you are a dog“ in his cartoon that featured in the 5th July 1993 issue of The New Yorker, little did he realise the great fame and fortune it would bring him, nor that nearly 18 years down the line it would be still relevant.

The growth of the internet has only seen the fear’ built into the phrase – the fact that you never really know who you are dealing with over the internet – increase at a similar rate. The more sites that appear on the internet the bigger the risk that the one you pick out to do business with is a dog, and how would you know?

Well now you can. Or at least you can show your customers that you are not a dog and that you are actually a valid business, committed to doing things the right way and one well worth dealing with. With the launch of Website Passport from 123-reg there is now a way of proving the status of your website, your company and the fact that you are not a dog – dogs are not specifically excluded although they would need to be a registered company.

If you have taken the time to set-up and build-up your business the correct way you deserve a bit of recognition and in terms of the internet your Website Passport acknowledges exactly who you are. Available now at a launch special price of £89.99 the Website Passport provides you with a recognisable badge of distinction – a secure fingerprint icon – that is easily embedded into your website with a simple piece of code. Then when customers click on that icon they can view a secure virtual passport powered by industry leaders GlobalSign, confirming you are the registered owner of the website, your registered company details and a host of other essential information designed to re-assure your visitors that they can but trust in your website and your business.

Yet, it is more than just a pretty icon and flashy-pop-up. The information is real-time verified, meaning everything is up-to-date with information pulled directly from assured sources such as Companies House, The European Commission and the Whois database. You can proudly display your business credentials and your potential customers can immediately see that your site and business is one they can trust.

The Website Passport also includes priceless online tools that bought separately would cost your business a considerable sum, but come included in the price of Website Passport. With a built-in Google Malware alert function, Website Passport will notify you of any malware issues within your site, before your customers are confronted by the dreaded malware alert on their Google search. Also included is the Google Map location of your registered address and trading address if different, enabling would-be customers to find you should you also want to promote your real-world activities too.

In the real-world we carry countless forms of ID everyday in the form of driving licences, passports, sports club cards, etc yet until now the online world has been one still shrouded in mystery and potential pitfalls from not being able to identify who is who. Website Passport now offers that identification option to build trust, build custom and build sales.

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