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Got big plans for 2014? Patrick Pulvermuller, CEO, explains how 123-reg can help you achieve them

By Patrick Pulvermuller - January 24, 2014

Patrick Pulvermuller, CEO

At 123-reg, we have the privilege of providing crucial online services to a huge number of thriving businesses – we know you rely on us to ensure you can meet the needs of your customers. Because of this, we’re constantly working to ensure that we offer the best possible products alongside top-notch customer service. The year ahead will be no different and we’ll be on hand to help you, and your business, make the most of the opportunities that 2014 will bring.

Committed to support

The size of our support teams more than doubled in 2013 and anyone raising a support ticket with us can now expect to receive an initial response in less than 15 minutes. The result of this has been a doubling in customer satisfaction levels and an 80 per cent drop in complaints. We’ve also been nominated in the Customer Commitment category of the 2014 UK Customer Satisfaction Awards; an achievement we’re hugely proud of, not least because it underlines our commitment to you. In 2014 we will be striving to further improve the level of customer service we provide.

We’ll continue to expand our teams, allowing us to extend the number of hours our live chat service is available for at weekends, while our new customer service quality assurance team will ensure we meet the high targets we set ourselves. We’ll also be doing more to gather feedback from you, so we know what we’re getting right and where we can make improvements.

Committed to new products

Last year we launched cloud hosting and pay-per-click ad management, increased the number of domain extensions we offer and introduced our Mobile Website Builder.  This year, we’ll be at the forefront of helping British companies adopt the new generic Top Level domains that will begin rolling out in 2014, and the .UK domains that will also arrive on the scene. As part of Host Europe Group, one of Europe’s leading hosting companies, 123-reg is uniquely positioned to help British businesses achieve their goals.

The size of the group means we are able to invest in innovative new products that support you in your efforts to satisfy new and existing customers. We’re currently working on an improved control panel to make it even easier to control and administer your website and we will be making other exciting product announcements throughout the year, all of which will be aimed at helping you succeed.

Dot Ninja domain

Just one of the many new gTLDs that are set for launch

Committed to new technology

Behind the scenes we’ve been working on refitting our Leeds data centre to ensure our customers can continue to rely on us. This multi-million pound project, which began in 2013 and will be completed this year, will lead to greater levels of redundancy and efficiency. This helps keep your website up and running smoothly and allows us to offer excellent service levels at the best possible price.

The boost in efficiency will also help make our data centre more environmentally friendly, reflecting our commitment to making our business as green as we possibly can be. You can expect regular updates on the project as it progresses over the course of 2014.

Committed to you

We’ve also bolstered our team at the very highest level. Lord Birt, perhaps best known for his time as director-general of the BBC, became non-executive chairman of HEG towards the end of 2013. His expertise and knowledge of the digital sector will bring us invaluable benefits as we help our customers rise to the challenges presented by the online economy.

At 123-reg we pride ourselves on listening to you and being able to offer what you need when you need it – whether it’s a new domain name, a new web hosting package or top-class support for a product you’re already using. 2014 will be no different. Over the year ahead, and beyond, we’ll be here to help you grow your business.