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Last week we blogged about how the latest technology was still vulnerable to security attacks and this week it appears that too many are forgetting traditional threats are still around.

According to a report released last month by Akamai Technologies Inc an increased number of cyber-attacks are being made via the port traditionally used for Telnet activity. The quarterly report on global Internet traffic revealed that 10% of attacks from mobile networks during 2010’s third quarter were directed at Port 23, which Telnet uses.
Secure Shell, or SSH have pretty much replaced Telnet as a means of accessing servers remotely and many administrators now disable the Telnet port as a precaution. However, many also overlook this and it appears hackers are using this oversight to exploit systems worldwide.

Interestingly, Telnet’s Port 23 was “overwhelmingly the top targeted port for attacks” in Egypt, Peru and Turkey, according to Akamai’s report. The most targeted port however remains Port 445, commonly used for Microsoft products, although the number continues to decrease as security and awareness increases.

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