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Last week the case for email got several boosts across the globe. While the Royal Mail announced a massive rise in the cost of a first-class stamp, highlighting the decline of snail mail thanks mainly to the use of email, the experts and latest surveys suggest that email is still the top dog and likely to be around for a lot longer.

From the Huffington Post we learnt that email connects 85% Of The World compared to social media that connects just 62%. Elsewhere in a presentation at the World Hosting Days summit, Rafael Laguna, gave an informed opinion that 40% of people spend their internet time on their email – possibly a time management issue as well as an indicator of the importance of the format.

Meanwhile in a separate survey – based on German IT decision-makers – 84.1 of respondents confirmed they believe email will still be the most important instrument of business communication in 3 years and less than 5% think that social networks will replace email communication. So getting a decent mail system in place is very important.

Yet email is certainly no longer something to be used as a standalone function. Successful email needs to be fully integrated with everything else you do and 123-reg’s new improved 123-mail offering helps you do just that. Cloud-based management of email, tasks, contact and calendars, gives you features normally only associated with desktop email clients, but now wherever and whenever you need it. Plus upgrade to the Professional package¬† and you will get document sharing, version control and mobile handset synchronisation too.¬† All from just ¬£4.99 per month. Find out more here.

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