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Registering your perfect domain will double your belief in your business and quadruple your enthusiasm!

The reliability of 123-reg's domain service has been a great
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We're the UK's #1, search for your perfect domain names with us

Your domain is the first step on your online adventure and we want you to get off to a great start. At 123-reg, we've helped over a million people find their ideal domains. So, if you've got a business idea or project that is firing you up, you’re in the right place.

With over 400 extensions and a virtually infinite number of names to choose from, a domain name that fits your line of business and is both individual and memorable is going to be easy to find with us. We'll then make registering your perfect domain as easy as 123.

Why buy domains with 123-reg?

  • The UK’s largest provider

    We've registered over 3.5 million web addresses and host over 1.7 million websites - the most of any provider in the UK.

  • No hidden costs

    The price you see is the price you pay, and we don't charge you for things our competitors do. See our transparency promise.

  • Giant selection, small prices

    We've got a huge selection of unique domain names to choose from at such a low cost, every business can own their online identity.

  • Total DNS Control

    You can point your domain at any site, anywhere and enjoy full control over how you choose to handle it.

Choose an identity that suits both you and your budget

Creating your own online identity has never been more affordable - and now, you have more options than ever! From the straight-laced to the wildly creative, you’re sure to find a domain name and extension that fit your business, branding and audience – all without spending a bundle.

Generic domains Geographic domains Niche domains
.com £11.99£14.39
.site £3.99£4.79
.online £3.99£4.79
.website £3.99£4.79
.co £29.99£35.99 £4.49£5.39
.uk £4.49£5.39
.wales £10.99£13.19
.london £7.99£9.59
.scot £34.99£41.99
.club £10.99£13.19
.solutions £3.99£4.79
.agency 99p£1.19
.photography £3.99£4.79
.media £6.99£8.39

See the full list of available domain extensions and prices

All the features you need to get started

There are plenty of perks when buying domains with 123-reg. From the tools to make your own 2-page website to professional, customised email accounts, your domain name comes packed with features that make bringing your business online a breeze.

  • Branded email addresses

    Look professional, credible and unique with an email forwarding address customised to your domain. You can forward all mail sent to your forwarding account to any other email so you can look professional without needing to create a new address.

  • Easy-to-use control panel

    Managing your domain names will never be a chore. From adding new ones to modifying your account, our control panel is both powerful and intuitive for every level of user, eliminating needless wasted time and frustration for your business.

  • Total DNS control

    Don't worry - we're flexible. You can point your domain name at any website of your choice. Edit your account settings however you like, from controlling where your email goes with MX records to updating registrant details, cname records and more.

  • Free website builder

    Stop waiting and get your site up and running! Website Builder gives you the power to customise hundreds of professionally designed templates with drag-and-drop tools for a 2-page site that suits your brand - no technical knowledge necessary.

  • Multiple website addresses

    If buying multiple domains, you can point them all to your site, directing visitor traffic from any range of URLs. Own your brand name across all of the most important TLDs, or use your different website addresses for unique audiences and ad campaigns.

  • Website blacklist monitoring

    Blacklist monitoring checks your site against the Google Safe Browsing List and other search engines including Yahoo and Bing, revealing any issues that got you blacklisted. You're able to take immediate action to fix the problem and ensure you don't lose rankings or customer trust.

Why buy domain names with 123-reg?

  • We've registered over 3.5 million web
    addresses and host over 1.7 million
  • You have full control over your domain
    from the DNS to the registration period
    so you can always use it your way
  • We're the UK's largest domain
  • We've got a huge selection of unique domain
    extensions to choose from, all at very
    competitive prices
  • You get so much more than just the domains,
    we include loads of features to help get you
  • No hidden costs, the price you see is the price
    you pay

Get more with our professional domain services

From keeping your sensitive information safe to selling the domain name to a massive market, we're in your corner with plenty of convenient add-ons, upgrades and time-savers.

Domain Privacy

Most businesses don't know it, but the minute you register domain names, all registration details - your name, phone number, address and email - are recorded in a public database.

Anyone can see those details, from spammers on the hunt for emails to scammers eager to take advantage of your information.

Our Domain Privacy service keeps your private information private, replacing your contact details with a generic proxy. You maintain complete control over your domains, and we forward any serious inquiries your way.

Better still, protecting your information costs very little, just £4.99£5.99 per domain name per year.

More about Domain Privacy

Backorder Domains

If the web address you want is already taken, we can help you get it. When you place a backorder with us, we'll try to register the domain you want the moment it expires.

  • No upfront fees
  • Pay only when your preferred name has been secured

To place a backorder, search for a domain name as you normally would. If the name you're after is unavailable, you'll see an option to place an order instead.

Backorder a Domain

Bulk Ordering

If you want to save time while buying domain names, we've got you covered.

  • Check availability on multiple names at once
  • Instant domain name registration for every name you want

Easily transfer multiple domains from anywhere else you've registered.

More about Bulk Ordering

Sell My Domains

If you've got domain names you no longer need or are itching to sell, we can help you reach a massive global market, hassle-free.

  • Add and remove domains for sale at the click of a button
  • Set your own price
  • Reach a huge global market and the largest marketplaces on the web
  • No upfront fees and a simple, open pricing policy

To get started, add your domain to the sale list with a click of a button and set whatever price you choose.

We take care of the rest, listing on both Sedo and NameMedia, the two largest marketplaces for selling domain names on the web, as well as our own premium domains list.

It's a fast, painless way to reach a huge market and make money from your unneeded web addresses in a fraction of the time without the hassle of selling on your own.

Sell Your Domain

What can I do with my domain name?

Start using
your business
email address

Now that you've registered a branded domain name, you can boost customer confidence and look more professional with an email address that's customised. Use your account to stay organised, manage your emails and contacts and keep track of tasks on your calendar.

Set up my Email
Create &
launch a

Getting a professional-looking site up needn't cost a fortune or feel like a chore. You've got options: make your own with Website Builder using hundreds of templates, choose a CMS like WordPress and get online with a hosting plan from 123-reg, or hire our Online Experts to design and build an affordable custom site for you from scratch.

Get a Website
customers with
targeted online

When your mailbox and website are up and running, it's time to start getting traffic. We've made improving your rankings, getting more customers and building an email list simple with our easy-to-use SEO Optimiser, managed PPC Marketing Service and powerful Email Marketing Tools designed to help businesses get traction online.

Market my Business
What is a domain name? 

This is the web address your business' websites can be accessed on. For example, our domain name is

Every site is hosted on an internet web server, or a "host". Computers access these hosts using an IP — a string of numbers like — but that's not very memorable for human beings.

Think of your domains like web addresses — the place people will find you online.

What is an extension? 

An extension is the ending of a domain name. Extensions are commonly referred to as a TLD (Top-Level Domain), suffix, or domain root.

There are many types of TLDs such as ccTLDs, which are country code specific, like . uk for the UK, and gTLDs, which are new generic extensions such as .website.

Some of the most popular TLDs include .com, .org, .net, and .biz.

Many businesses and brands register their name with multiple extensions to protect their online identity, increase visibility and attract more visitors to their website.

What are the new gTLDs? 

gTLD stands for generic Top-Level Domain. It's a category of extensions that are alternatives to the traditional .com, and .de domain roots.

Also called 'new gTLDs' or 'nTLDs', these are just a few of the hundreds of new names to search for that have been released recently for businesses and individuals to use.

These gTLDs vary from practical extensions such as .web or .tech, to location-based ones such as .london or .wales, and even catchy extensions such as .ninja or .xyz. Check if yours is available now.

What are ccTLDs? 

Country-code Top-Level Domains (ccTLDs) correspond to a country, territory, or other geographic location.

For example: .uk represents the United Kingdom, .de is for Germany, .mx for Mexico and .ch is used for Switzerland.

The rules for registering ccTLDs vary significantly depending on the extension. Some ccTLDs such as .de have residency restrictions, meaning that registrants are required to be located in the country of the domain extension they want to use.

However, many of the ccTLDs can be registered by anyone without any restrictions, including .uk, .ch, .es and several more.

What is DNS? 

The Domain Name System (DNS) is the internet's equivalent of a phone book, converting the text-based web addresses you're used to seeing into Internet Protocol (IP) addresses (a string of numbers corresponding to a place on a web server).While machines access websites based on their individual IP, it's much easier for people to remember a web address such as than an IP like

What details do I need to register a domain name? 

In order to register domain names, you’ll need to provide your name, address and a few other contact details. It's crucial that the information you share is up-to-date and valid in case of a dispute or other situations where you need to show proof of ownership.

We will also need your payment details so we can process your registration.

What extensions do you sell? 

We've got a huge selection!

As the UK's #1 domain name provider, every new extension that is released is also available to be registered on 123-reg. From the traditional .com,, .net, .org to the new .uk, .london, .ninja, .xyz, we have it all.

Use our domain search to see which extensions are available for your desired name.

Are there any restrictions? 

Just a few.

Some domains have registration restrictions, meaning they can only be used for a specific purpose or by specific organisations/companies in a specific country or region.

For example, .archi can only be used by individual professional architects or architecture firms, while .eu can only be used by registrants who are located in a country in the European Union.

Don't worry - we make it obvious when restrictions apply. For every name you look up on 123-reg, you will also find specific information regarding any domain registration restrictions that apply.

What characters can be used in a web address? 

Regardless of the extension, all domain names use the same character rules which must be followed when you search for yours:

  • You can use letters (a-z), numbers (0-9) and dashes/hyphens (-).
  • Spaces are not allowed, and your domains cannot begin or end with a hyphen.
  • Your web address cannot include special characters like "&" or "!". However, there are exceptions with IDNs where you are allowed to include special characters from other languages in your domain names such as: bü or mü

A domain name cannot be less than three characters long, not including the extension, and names cannot be more than 63 characters so check yours is less than this.

What is a subdomain? 

A subdomain is a subdivision of a domain name that enables your businesses to put another name in your URL before your namespace.

For example, or would both be subdomains of In fact, the www at the start of your web address is actually a subdomain!

Can I cancel a domain name? 

Certainly - you can cancel any time you choose.

Simply log into your control panel, go to the Domain Names section, click Manage Auto Renewal and choose the name you wish to cancel/allow to expire.

Click Confirm to confirm the name you have chosen, and you will also see the date they are due to expire.

How do I add hosting for my domains? 

If you've already registered a domain name with 123-reg, you can associate it with your hosted website when you order your hosting package.

If your name is hosted elsewhere, make sure you transfer it to 123-reg first before buying your website hosting package.

Is it possible to use my domain name for emailing only (no live website)? 

If you want to use your domain name for a branded or personalised email address such as, you will need a 123-reg mailbox to enable you to send and receive emails.

When you use the 123-reg mailbox, you have three options to retrieve your email:

  1. 123-reg Webmail - This option allows you to access the emails sent to your new customised address, no matter where you are.
  2. Email Client - With this option, you can receive email to your PC or laptop through an email client of your choice such as Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, Eudora or Apple Mail.
  3. Mobile Device - You can easily set up 123-reg mailboxes to your mobile device, giving you access to your email from anywhere with an internet connection.

It is also possible to setup a personalised or branded email address that simply forwards email to an existing inbox you may already have elsewhere such as Gmail, Yahoo or similar. This way, you can continue using your existing email address and receive your emails through your branded domain name. To send from your personalised address you will need an email mailbox account.

Make sure you read our complete email guide for instructions on how to set up your personal email

How do I get a website up and running? 

After you've registered your domain name and purchased your hosting package, you can set up your free two-page website as a placeholder until you are ready for a proper site launch.

123-reg offers a few great ways to get a website created, from our totally managed Make Me a Website service to our DIY Website Builder tool.

We also put together an in-depth, step-by-step guide on how to create a website and get it up and running.

What is a site seal? 

A site seal is a badge that helps build trust among your site's visitors and customers. It tells visitors that your site is safe and secure, which makes them feel more confident purchasing from you.

To get a site seal, you need to purchase an SSL Certificate. SSLs encrypt the data that’s passed between your customers and your website like credit card info, login details or passwords to ensure no prying eyes or online threats have access.

123-reg offers multiple SSL Certificate options to suit every business.

How do I sell my domain? 

We've made it incredibly easy to earn money by selling your unwanted web addresses on the global market place.

You list your domain through our domain selling service and set the price you want to sell at. We’ll list it for you on Sedo and Name Media, the two largest domain name marketplaces, as well as through 123-reg's premium domain service.

You'll have unparalleled reach in the marketplace, making it more likely you'll sell your domains faster and for the price you've set.

Where can I go if I have a question that is not answered above? 

We've created a huge support site, chock-full of information about everything from registering domains to hosting and building a website.

The information there covers an enormous scope of common problems and questions, and it’s quite likely we’ve already solved your issue or offered a quick answer there.

If you still can't find an answer on the support site, you can ask for help by using the Contact Us button. One of our friendly online experts will contact you as quickly as possible.

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