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.co.com - Short, Memorable, Available

With most of the short, catchy .com’s already taken; you were probably left with a very-long-hyphenated-domain-name.com. It definitely wasn’t the domain you’ve always wanted and probably wasn’t even your third or fifth choice, but it was the only one that was acceptable. With the new .co.com now at 123 Reg, this is your second chance to get the perfect .com you’ve always wanted. No more long web addresses no one can remember, no more weird combinations of words and numbers. Now’s your chance to act so register your short .co.com today before it’s taken again!

Why register .co.com domains?

.co.com offers businesses a second opportunity to brand their online presence with a short and memorable web address that ends in .com.

So, if you’re still pining for that perfect .com or .co.countrycode that someone else snatched before you had the chance to, now’s your chance to act and secure yours on a .co.com.


Top five reasons you need to register your .co.com today:

  • It’s short, memorable and ends in .com, the world’s most popular extension
  • It’s available at a fraction of what the equivalent .com would sell for
  • Tells the world you’re a global brand that’s open for business internationally
  • It’s open and available to all, with no registration restrictions or limitations whatsoever
  • Comes with a plethora of excellent naming possibilities, allowing you to brand your online presence with a short and easy to remember web address


Who can register .co.com domain names?

Absolutely anyone! There are zero restrictions on .co.com registrations which means that anyone can register one. But you need to act fast as registrations will be accepted on a first-come first-serve basis.

So, secure your perfect .co.com quickly before it’s taken.


Why choose a domain from 123 Reg?

  • UK's #1 domain registrar
  • Full DNS control
  • FREE web and email forwarding
  • FREE 1-page Website Builder

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