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What is a .mx domain?

.mx is the country code for Mexico, making it the ideal choice for anyone, or any business, looking to build an affinity with Mexican nationals. There are no restrictions to .mx registration which means anyone can register it.


About .mx

A .mx domain is a must for anyone looking to cater for the Mexican market of more than 110 milion people. With .mx domain names registration from 123 Reg, you can now order your perfect domain with a catchy extension and reach your target audience in Mexico. Don’t delay, get your .mx today and help your business grow to the maximum.

Search for your perfect domain using the search box above and use our .mx registration to order it sooner rather than later.


Why should I register .mx domain names?

A .mx domain will make your business easily recognisable in Mexico as the .mx extension can also be regarded as a local for of .com. Register .mx domain names and use them to prove your commitment to your local Mexican customers.

After 20 years of restriction on .mx domain names registration, you now have the chance to order yours for your online business and have a web address that is unique and easy to memorise.

Hurry and register .mx domain names today as it’s only a matter of time before someone else does.


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