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Sending customers the right message at the right time will turbo charge your business!

“The Email Marketing package with 123 Reg gets existing customers and leads to come back and buy. It’s so easy.”

Fran and Emma, Co-Founders, Stamptastic
£4.99 pm (+20% VAT)
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Get more value from your customers, simply and quickly, without spending a fortune

If you run a business where you want your customers to keep buying more and more products, you’ll know that engaging effectively with your existing customers is the key to both repeat sales and creating new business.

123 Reg’s Email Marketing tool allows you to do just that. With its easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface and built-in editor, you’ll find it’s both simple and economical to create professional looking emails that will demand your customer’s attention – whatever device they read them on.

The package includes the latest analytics so you always know how your emails perform, which customers are more likely to buy again and how to improve your campaigns to make them more successful. It also makes sure you are compliant with data protection laws.

Most importantly though, it helps you make more money by intelligently targeting the right people at the right time, with the right message.


Just 4 steps to email marketing success

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Build your mailing list and collect new subscribers using our interactive forms.

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Use our professionally designed responsive templates to easily create stunning emails.

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Send emails to your entire customer base or a specific audience in just a few clicks.

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Track the success of your campaign in real time so you can easily plan your next move.

Everything you need to easily grow your business

Our easy-to-use Email Marketing packages enable you to create stunning emails for your business to better engage with your customers without needing to be an expert. We give you everything you need to create, send and monitor your own campaigns.

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Drag-and-drop email editor

Create great looking campaigns with our drag-and-drop editor. Customise to your business using your own text, images and even video. No coding required.

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Responsive design

Create emails that automatically adapt to what your subscribers are reading them on. So, even if they read them on a smartphone, tablet or laptop, your messages always look stunning.

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Real time reporting

See what's working and what's not in real time so you can gain a deeper insight into your subscribers and clarify your goals to improve your email campaigns.

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Easy visitor sign up

Make it easier for visitors to sign up to your mailing list with interactive forms that can be added to your website.

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Marketing automation

Create a personal experience for your subscribers with emails that are triggered to send when an action or event has occurred e.g. a welcome email or their birthday.

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Audience segmentation

Target specific segments of your customer base to increase the effectiveness of your campaigns and improve engagement.

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Social media sharing

Make social media work for you by engaging with your social followers. Schedule simultaneous posts to your social media accounts.

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Fully compliant

Ensure that your marketing campaigns comply with anti-SPAM laws in the UK and abroad with our built-in automated unsubscribing features that enable your subscribers to opt-out at any time.

What is Email Marketing?

Find out why it's the perfect tool to send stunning emails to improve engagement with your customers in our quick video.

See how in just 4 easy steps you can engage with your subscribers and start growing your business.


Perfect for anyone that is just starting up and wants to get to grips with email marketing.

FREE 30 Day Trial
Then just £4.99 per month (+20% VAT)
Subscribers The number of people you can have subscribed to your mailing list at once.
Sends The maximum number of emails you can send per month.
Form builder Create great looking data capture forms in minutes with no coding knowledge using our simple drag-and-drop form builder. This is ideal for getting subscriptions, competition entries, enquiries, contact forms and much more.
Audience segmentation Easily segment your subscribers based on criteria such as their engagement, their location, personal information, which other lists they are subscribed to and how many emails they have previously received.
Marketing automation Schedule emails to be sent at specific times or when specific criteria have been met. With our marketing automation your messages can automatically be sent at the times or events you specify.
Social media tools Our social tools let you schedule simultaneous posts to multiple Facebook and Twitter accounts. You can post updates alongside your email campaigns and see details reports that show how your social activity is performing.
Inbox testing When creating your own emails you want to be sure that everything is perfect. This is why our inbox testing gives you live screenshots of exactly how your campaign looks in different clients.
WordPress plugin Use our free WordPress plugin to add a subscription form to your WordPress powered site and capture the data directly into your 123 Reg Email Marketing account.
Salesforce plugin Import your Salesforce contacts into your package and update them when your Salesforce contacts are included in your campaigns.
Dynamic content Our dynamic content system enables your messages to be personalised for each subscriber. Content can be dynamically switched to best suit the recipient depending on rules that you set up.
A/B Split testing You can test up to five different message variations at once to segments of your audience and determine which has been more successful. You will know for sure if changes you have made improve the performance of your emails.
Goal tracking content After sending out emails you’ll have access to real-time analytics for that campaign which let you see exactly how it’s performing and if you are reaching the goals you have set.

Growing Business

Ideal for that business that is growing in size and wants to become even bigger.

FREE 30 Day Trial
Then just £9.99 per month (+20% VAT)
Form builder
Audience segmentation
Marketing automation
Social media tools
Inbox testing
WordPress plugin
Salesforce plugin
Dynamic content
A/B Split testing
Goal tracking content

Power User

Great for businesses with a large customer base who want to increase engagement.

FREE 30 Day Trial
Then from £18.99 per month (+20% VAT)
Form builder
Audience segmentation
Marketing automation
Social media tools
Inbox testing
WordPress plugin
Salesforce plugin
Dynamic content
A/B Split testing
Goal tracking content

Why choose Email Marketing from 123 Reg?

  • Increase engagement and make more money
  • Emails that can be easily read on mobile devices
  • Schedule marketing emails to be sent at any time
  • Expert support available around the clock
  • Track and analyse your progress in real time
  • Target campaigns to specific audiences
  • 30 day money back guarantee
  • No coding experience required
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Need more power?

Do you have more than 10,000 subscribers?
Do you need an advanced solution with dedicated support?

Then talk to our sales team now on 0333 014 4550 and find out about our Enterprise solutions.

Turn prospects into customers with captivating email campaigns

Find out how Stamptastic use the 123 Reg Email Marketing package to reach every customer with the right message, at the right time.

Frequently asked questions

  • What is 123 Reg Email Marketing?

    It is an online marketing tool that enables you to communicate with your customers through email campaigns and social media. It will not only improve your customer engagement but will also help you to grow your business and make more money by intelligently targeting the right people.

  • What can I do with it?

    You can create professional emails using our range of responsive templates that adapt to the device they are being read on, and send them to your customers. You can create entire marketing campaigns using emails and sharing on social media to improve your engagement with your customer base.

    The more you engage with your customers the more likely they are to part with their hard earned cash so you will improve your revenue and help your business to become even more successful.

  • Do I need technical knowledge to use it?

    Using our Email Marketing package could not be easier. You do not need any technical knowledge as our intuitive interface makes the whole process simple. You also don’t need be an online marketing expert as we guide you through every aspect of creating your campaigns.

    If you’ve never used any email marketing services before, our detailed support site is also there with straightforward instructions to help get you started.

  • Do I have to use a 123 Reg email address?

    No, all you need is an email address associated with a domain you have access to, but it can be with any company and does not need to be with 123 Reg.

  • Are there email templates for me to use?

    Yes, we have lots of professionally designed free templates for you to select and customise to your business style. They come in all different colours and styles so you are sure to find loads of suitable templates for whatever emails you would like to send.

  • Can I have images in my emails?

    Yes, you can use images and we recommend you include them as this will make your emails much more interesting for your subscribers.

  • Can I add an attachment to the emails I send?

    Attachments can cause issues with SPAM filters which could block your emails so this feature is not available with our packages. However it is possible to host a file online then include a link in your email to that file so your subscribers can download the file if they wish.

  • Does 123 Reg Email Marketing support Google Analytics?

    Yes, Google Analytics is supported fully in campaigns, for split testing and for online forms.

  • What does split testing mean?

    This is a fantastic feature that enables A/B testing when sending emails. What this means is you could for example create two slightly different emails and then send each one to a different half of your customers. You can then see which performs better and you can then work out ways to maximise your open and click through rates. This great feature enables you to better understand your customers and find out exactly what will have the best impact. This could be as simple as just testing two different subject lines but will help you gain a valuable insight into your target audience.

  • Can I schedule emails?

    Yes you can, our easy-to-use interface enables you to choose when emails are sent so you can choose a time that best suits your customer base to ensure you reap the maximum benefits. This is also very useful to enable them to be sent during holiday periods or out of work hours.

  • Can I personalise my emails?

    Yes, you can personalise the look, feel and even add your own logo. Any emails you send will not have any 123 Reg branding at all, they are from your company not ours.

  • What's a plain text email?

    A plain text email is a version that contains only text. Images are great for creating interesting campaigns however some clients will not be able to read HTML based emails. The plain text version enables all users to read your message even if they cannot read HTML. But you don’t need to choose as when you send using 123 Reg Email Marketing both plain text and HTML will be sent together. Your subscribers will only receive one mail but can read either the HTML or the plain text version so your message will always be able to be read.

  • Are unsubscribes automatically managed?

    Yes, our tool will update your lists automatically when a customer unsubscribes using the provided link. This ensures that your lists will always only contain up-to-date subscriber information so you only ever send to people that have subscribed and who want to receive your emails.

  • Can I test emails to see if they will be blocked by SPAM filters?

    Yes, emails can be checked against the most popular SPAM filters to ensure your messages will not be marked as SPAM. This feature is built into Email Marketing and will ensure your message will always get through. This functionality is not available on all packages.

  • Is there a minimum contract period?

    You can pay for your Email Marketing on either a monthly, quarterly or annual basis.

  • How does the money back guarantee work?

    If you decide the package you’ve bought isn’t right for you, give us a call within the first 14 days. We’ll refund what you paid – excluding the cost of registering any domain names you have, because domains can’t be “unregistered” once you’ve chosen them.

Questions? Call us on 0330 221 1007

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