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Music, photography, sport, art - whatever your bag is - it's easy to share your hobby online with InstantSite plus. So create an easy website, get it live and let friends, family and fans check out your info. And you never know who else might visit your website!

No matter what your hobby is, we're here to help you make the most of it. If you're a photographer, you can create an easy website that includes photo galleries and use them to share photos with others. If you're more into writing, you can quickly set up a personal blog and interact with other bloggers. All you have to do is create an easy website to call your own and then spread the news about it!

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    InstantSite plus
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  • Feature overview
  • Photo Gallery

    Get your best pics out there by using a professional image gallery.

  • Blog

    Share your thoughts and idea in one click with a simple and easy-to-use blogging platform.

  • RSS reader

    Keep your site fresh and up-to-date by automatically importing content from other sites via the RSS Reader.

  • Script editor

    Use your coding skills and Script editor to import JavaScript and any other languages into InstantSite.

  • Feedback

    Encourage visitors to share their feedback and questions by adding a simple form on your site.

  • Forum

    Engage with the visitors on your site and have them interact with each other on your own online forum.

  • Votes

    Run voting polls and get valuable feedback from your site's visitors. Show the results on your site for others to see.

  • NEWFile Download

    Allow visitors to download files from your site such as ebooks, reports or marketing brochures.

  • NEWGoogle Map

    Let visitors get directions and find your location easier using this popular interactive Google map.

Five steps to success

Step 1 - Pick your design

1. Start

Choose a professional template for your site design.

Step 2 - Customise your website

2. Design

Edit page layouts, colours, menus, images and logos.

Step 3 - Structure your website

3. Pages

Organise your pages and decide how they should link.

Step 4 - Upload your content

4. Edit

Add content to your webpages (text and images)

Step 5 - Publish your website

5. Publish

When you're ready to go live just click publish.

Google Area Map

Site visitors will easily find your location using this interactive map (with Google Maps Technology).

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Quickly upload, organise and display images on your website. You can even make edits.

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Share your views with the web. Just click publish whenever you're ready to release a new blog post.

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