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Let's take the technical hassle out of website creation. After all, who wants to be a computer geek? With InstantSite, anyone can make a website and anyone can run an online shop. That's right, no boring web code or paying out for costly web designer fees - just a great looking and easy to manage website.

With InstantSite Pro you can also have an online shop on your site. So, if you're thinking of opening up an online business or maybe getting your existent offline business on the web, here's your chance.

InstantSite Pro is dedicated to business minds who want to make money by opening up an online shop. Use the features included - such as file download, Flash intro page, Google map - to grow your online shop into a successful business. All in all, InstantSite Pro provides you with all the tools you need to get your online shop up and running, but without the hassle of having to do it all on your own.

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  • Feature overview
  • Photo Gallery

    Share images on your site via a professional image gallery.

  • Blog

    Publish useful or fun posts using a simple blogging platform. To release a new post, you only need to click "Publish".

  • RSS reader

    Add fresh and interesting content to your site by using a RSS Reader that automatically imports content from other sites.

  • Script editor

    Import JavaScript and other languages into InstantSite with this Script editor.

  • Feedback

    Add a simple form to your site and have your visitors submit their feedback in seconds.

  • Forum

    Get your own online forum and start interacting with your site's visitors.

  • Votes

    Run voting polls and encourage your visitors to share their feedback with you.

  • NEWFile Download

    Give visitors the option to download a file from your site, for example, a useful PDF company brochure.

  • NEWSpell Checker

    Never let another typo escape the net! Always present a professional appearance, with this handy spell checker.

  • NEWReady-to-use database

    Google Base is a powerful online database which lets you make text, images and structured data publically available online.

  • NEWGoogle Map

    This popular interactive map from Google lets visitors find your location, browse surrounding areas and get specific directions.

  • NEWFlash intro page

    Choose a cool animation to introduce your site with. Our Flash templates are sure to catch the eye.

Five steps to success

Step 1 - Pick your design

1. Start

Choose a professional template for your site design.

Step 2 - Customise your website

2. Design

Edit page layouts, colours, menus, images and logos.

Step 3 - Structure your website

3. Pages

Organise your pages and decide how they should link.

Step 4 - Upload your content

4. Edit

Add content to your webpages (text and images)

Step 5 - Publish your website

5. Publish

When you're ready to go live just click publish.

Google Area Map

Site visitors will easily find your location using this interactive map (with Google Maps Technology).

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Quickly upload, organise and display images on your website. You can even make edits.

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Share your views with the web. Just click publish whenever you're ready to release a new blog post.

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InstantSite subject to minimum system requirements. Actual templates may differ.

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