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  • Number of search engines

    Number of search engines

    InstantTraffic helps you reach over 85% of web users by submitting your site information to all the top search engines.

  • 50 100 200 Over 400
  • 12 monthly resubmissions

    12 monthly resubmissions

    Every month for a year, InstantTraffic resubmits your site details to increase your site's visibility in all major search engines.

  • Monthly email

    Monthly email reports

    We'll send you monthly reports so you can keep track of the search engine submission process.

  • Private control panel

    Private control panel

    You can access all InstantTraffic functions and reports through an easy control panel. There's no software to download or install.

  • Guaranteed Google

    Guaranteed Google listing

    Using InstantTraffic, we guarantee your site will be included in Google's directory within eight weeks. (You must also follow Google's technical and editorial advice.)

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  • Guaranteed

    Guaranteed inclusion

    In addition to our Google guarantee (see above), we promise your site will stay search engine listed for 12 months.

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  • Targeted keyword

    Targeted keyword research

    InstantTraffic combines a thorough analysis of your site with current rankings, keyword popularity and links to suggest the very best keywords for you to target.

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  • Link popularity

    Link popularity

    See how many websites link to your site - a key factor in your search engine rankings.

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  • Free Consultation

    Free Consultation

    Our marketing professionals will provide you with a free consultation and will answer any questions you may have regarding your search engine optimization.

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  • Website analysis

    Website analysis

    Get a detailed analysis of every aspect of your website, based on data gathered live from search engines. Includes suggestions of where changes would be most beneficial.

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  • Competitor analysis

    Competitor analysis

    Compare your search engine rankings to those of your closest competitors to identify new opportunities and areas for improvement.

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  • Statistical analysis

    Statistical analysis

    We'll give the different elements of your website a score for search engine optimisation, so you can see where you're doing well and where you could improve.

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    SEO Software to outrank your competitors the smart way

    Instant Traffic is the search engine optimisation (SEO) tool that shows you the most effective ways to boost your search rankings and increase website traffic.

    Our SEO software helps submit details of your site to hundreds of search engines, ensuring they include your site in search results.

    Instant Traffic guarantees you a Google listing and gives you personalised SEO advice too.

    • Get detailed SEO analysis of your website
    • See how your site ranks against competitors
    • Offers easy to follow SEO advice to increase website traffic

    Why choose us

    • Guaranteed Google listing
    • Submit to up to 400 search engines
    • Targeted keywords research
    • Dynamic website optimiser
    • Free consultation

    Meta tags

    Meta tags are the first thing search engines see, so if you're going to rank high then it's vital these are doing the best possible job for you. InstantTraffic will help you create the perfect meta tags for your site.

    Personal control

    View detailed reports for any website submitted, change your keywords, generate meta tags and view optimisation suggestions (if applicable) all through a simple control panel interface - no cumbersome software to download!

    Search engine

    We'll help you reach over 85% of Internet users worldwide by submitting your site to Google, Yahoo, Bing and other major search engines. InstantTraffic resubmits the details of your site every single month for a full year to increase the visibility of your site.

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    InstantTraffic can be used with 123-reg Web Hosting and Website Builder packages. Unfortunately InstantTraffic is not currently compatible with 123-reg Online Shop packages.

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