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Help people near you discover your business

“We are a brand new restaurant. It takes time to rank on Google. We needed to show up in local searches. The best way was to use local directories.”

Mazen Al-awdi, Founder of GGs
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Put your business on Google for local searches

When people in your area search Google for what you do, does your business show up? Most don’t. It’s often down to inconsistent or missing citations in local directories.

Submit your business details through Local Listing to make sure it appears on the most popular specialised directories, including the expensive paid-for ones. Your business can appear in local search results even if you don’t have a website! A great time saver that will boost your online visibility too.

Get it right and your business will hit the jackpot. According to a Google study, 50% of mobile users searching locally will visit you the same day.

Can you afford to miss out?


How good are your local business listings?

Get a free report to see why local people can’t find your business, and how to fix it.

Local Listing

Boost the local SEO visibility of your business.

£9.99 per month equivalent for the 1st year

Introductory offer -  SAVE 33% 
Then £14.99 per month equivalent

Excluding VAT at 20%. Annual upfront payment required.
Boost your presence online
One-click updates
Personalise your listings
Collect your feedback
Easy setup wizard
Control your business information
Daily monitoring to protect your data
Review management

Improve your local SEO and get found online

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Boost your presence online

Get found in the major directories people use to find local business listings, including Facebook and Google Maps.

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One-click updates

Ensure your details are consistent by adding or changing your details across all directories with just one click.

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Personalise your listings

Stand out from the crowd and make your listings as useful as possible by uploading images, opening times and news events.

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Collect your feedback

Track every comment that is left on your listings from one centralised location. View and respond to feedback quickly and easily.

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Easy setup wizard

Submit your listings using the easy-to-use Local Listing setup wizard, ensuring that your information is consistent across all local directories.

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Control your business information

Anyone can write anything online about your business. Keep control of your information on local directories from one place.

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Daily monitoring to protect your data

We’ll review your listings daily to ensure they are consistent and up-to-date. Get alerts in your control panel if any action is required.

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Review management

Review your average rating for each directory, as well as your overall average rating.

Be wherever your customers are!

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Reach the users of one of the most popular social media networks around.

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The Sun

Your website could show up in The Sun’s business directory – visited by thousands daily.

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The Mirror

Tap into a new local audience and boost visibility for your company.

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Show up in this super-fast search engine by Microsoft.

Foursquare directory logo


Have your restaurant show up when people search for local places to dine.

Scoot directory logo


Appear in this specialised search engine and get maximum exposure.

Tomtom directory logo


Navigate customers straight to your business by having it show up on their GPS.

Hotfrog directory logo


A quick and easy search tool your customers can use to find you in just a few clicks.

Evening Standard directory logo

The Evening Standard

Get listed in this popular UK paper read by thousands of potential customers.

The Independent directory logo

The Independent

Get discovered by the many people who read this news outlet.

The Scotsman directory logo

The Scotsman

Boost your Scottish enterprise with a place in this national publication.

Citipages directory logo


Boost sales with an appearance in this popular business search engine.

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And many more!

We’re constantly adding directories to our service!

Now people can find you when they really need you

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Get found locally

Generate visitors and sales by getting your business listed on the high quality local directories that people in your area use when looking for the products and services you sell.

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Boost your local SEO

Consistent, accurate information across trusted directories helps to improve your local online visibility by boosting your rank on search engines.

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Engage with your customers

Build a strong relationship by answering directly to messages and reviews, creating trust and turning one time visitors into regular customers.

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A unique marketing platform

Push offers and news through directories to help attract new customers. Platforms such as Google Maps, Facebook and even TomTom will bring a huge new audience for your brand.

Help local people discover your business when they need you most

See how Local Listing submits your business to local directories, and the benefit of being found quickly and easily by customers in your area

Why choose Local Listing from 123 Reg?

  • Backed by the UK’s largest domain registrar
  • Around the clock support to answer any questions
  • Trusted by small businesses with over a million sites hosted
  • FAQs, videos and blogs to help you develop your skills
  • Great value with no hidden costs
  • Everything you need in one simple control panel
GG's london

Our aims for the first year are just to be known for great food and a great place to come and eat. GGs website, especially being open for a very short period, is vital. The website is great and I feel that that’s where 123 Reg got involved and helped us a lot with that process.

Mazen Al-awdi, GGs

Frequently asked questions

  • What is Local Listing?

    It’s an online marketing tool that is designed to help you publish information about your business on local directories such as Facebook and Google Maps. Adding your business to such directories will help potential customers find your website or business address, helping you to build your customer base and revenue. Local Listing also helps you to keep your details accurate by updating them simultaneously across multiple directories, which is a huge help in boosting your online visibility.

    You can also view any reviews you have received, helping you to manage your reputation and reply back to any feedback you’ve received.

  • Do I need to have a website already?

    Most businesses get found online through their websites, but if you don’t have one, you can still show up in search through local directories. While having a website will help you to get found more efficiently, just having your details on sites like Google Maps is a great way to widen your audience and attract new customers.

  • What is the difference between a local directory and a web directory?

    Local directories are designed to help businesses display online when users search for related keywords, so if the customer is looking for a specific product or service, they will be able to find the closest business to them.

    Web directories are built to direct customers to a website but don’t offer the same useful information that a local directory does. They are predominantly used in link building, an old form of SEO that Google doesn’t recommend anymore.

  • Do I need technical knowledge?

    You won’t need any technical know-how to use Local Listing. Simply add your business information, add the keywords that best represent your company, and we’ll automatically take care of the rest.

    Local Listing has an easy-to-use setup wizard that will help you get started, but if you get stuck, our detailed support site and expert support team are on hand to help you out whenever you need.

  • Do I need to have my domain/hosting with 123 Reg?

    No, the package works independently from your hosting, so regardless of which domain and hosting provider you use, you will be able to list your business through Local Listing.

  • Which paid-for directories do I get listed in?

    Local Listing includes a subscription to Infobel, which is a paid-for directory, at no extra cost, making it even more cost-effective to manage your listings from one convenient space. This has the added benefit of ensuring your subscription is active with one payment which you can manage directly from your 123 Reg control panel alongside your Domain Name and hosting payments.

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