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Our Site Scanner anti-malware software catches more malware than any other website scanner available. It uses Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques to discover malicious code before it is generally reported bad by anti-viruses and other website scanners. Our anti-malware solution scans every page of your website, alerts you automatically if any malware is detected and it can also remove the malicious code to keep your site safe for browsing. We have a fantastic support team that is here to answer any questions you might have about our anti-malware software and provide you with the help you need to keep your site secure at all times.

View what our competitors have to offer and see for yourself if the advanced anti-malware software from 123-reg is the solution that can keep your site safe. Use the table below to compare and contrast between three anti-malware tools and choose the one that best meets your needs.

If you do decide that the anti-malware solution from 123-reg fits your requirements, get yours and start protecting your website today!

Hacker proof
£5.99£7.19 /month
£42.13£50.56 /month
£115.49£138.59 /month
Number of websites included
1 - 4
Number of pages scanned
Automated daily scans for security gaps
Automated daily scans for known malware
Automated daily scans for known viruses
Automated daily scans for unknown and zero day malware
Artificial Intelligence Engine to detect malware & viruses
Scans for malware in ads
Identifies major website vulnerabilities
Monitor Google® Safe Browsing "blacklist"
Monitors Bing, Yahoo, DNS Blacklist and more
Phone and email support from security experts
Vulnerability analysis and recommendations
Trusted Site Seal to increase visitor confidence
Alert notifications
No installation needed (runs in the cloud)
Compatible with any host environment

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