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Detect known and unknown malware and keep your site safe from hackers

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What is Site Scanner?

Our Scanner tool allows you to detect, prevent and protect your website from sophisticated web malware.

The website Malware Scanner from 123 Reg helps you keep your site safe and secure by running daily scans on every pages of your website. You get to discover if it has vulnerabilities or if it has been infected with malicious code or malware.


Who is Site Scanner for?

Site Scanner is recommended for any site owner that wants to prevent their website from being infected with malware, malicious code or viruses.

Site Scanner is the complete solution for anyone that wants that peace of mind that comes from knowing their site will not be banned from Google or other major search engines like Yahoo and Bing as a result of a malicious malware infection.


Who uses Site Scanner?

Our website Malware Scanner is the perfect solution for any site owner that wants to focus on his or her business while eliminating the risk of malware infection.

Your customers will feel much more confident when they know your site is safe and secure.


Protect your website in 3 easy steps

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Choose Domain

Choose the domain that you wish to scan for viruses and malicious code. Even if your domain or website is with another provider, we can monitor and protect your site.

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Scan your domain

Once you have chosen the domain, hit the scan button to run a scan on your website.

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Await notification

After the initial scan we will send you a report about the health of your website (good or bad). From then on we will continue to monitor your website and notify via email if malware and viruses are found.


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Artificial Intelligence

Protect your site from never-before-identified website malware. The award winning Artificial Intelligence (AI) engine constantly monitors new strains of malware allowing it to discover malicious code before it is generally reported bad and included in most anti-virus tools. This advanced feature helps us find security threats before anyone else.

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Malware Detection

Malware Scanner's sole purpose is to catch malware or viruses attacking websites. If and when malware is found injected onto your site, we will send you an email with the URL that the malicious code is affecting, as well as the line of code it starts and ends on. This allows you to resolve the problem quickly before being blacklisted by search engines.

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Blacklist Monitoring

The website Malware Scanner also runs a daily check of your site on major search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing to ensure it has not been banned. The Blacklist Monitoring includes malware blacklists like Malware Patrol and Malware URL, DNS Blacklists, phishing blacklists like PhishTank, spam blacklists such as SpamCop and many more.

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Automated scans with email alerts

The website Malware Scanner runs fully automated scans depending on the package you choose. We can scan your site continuously, hourly, daily or weekly for thousands of threats and viruses. If the scan finds any threats or signs of malware, you will get an email with the malicious code highlighted so you can remove it right away.

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Site Seal

Site Seal is a trust mark that helps you build trust among your customers and ultimately increase sales. The SiteSeal says that your site is not affected by any malware. When customers see the SiteSeal on your site, they will know it's safe and will feel more confident purchasing from you.

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Super Help & Support

If you need help using the website Malware Scanner from 123 Reg, head on over to our support site where you will find downloadable guides, video tutorials and a frequently asked questions section. You can also get in touch with us directly via the support site. Simply log in and use the Ask a Question option.

Plans & pricing


Only £2.09 per month
Domains Monitored
Pages Scanned
Advanced Monitoring


Only £5.09 per month
Domains Monitored
Pages Scanned
Advanced Monitoring

Frequently asked questions

  • What is Site Scanner?

    Site Scanner helps you prevent, detect and recover from website malware attacks and keep your site safe. It allows you to check a website for malicious code by scanning each page of your website to determine if hackers have infected it with malware. If malicious code is detected inside your code you will receive a notification immediately so you can take action fast.

    We have teamed up with StopTheHacker, the most advanced service that helps identify and protect sites from known and unknown viruses. Unlike most anti-virus systems that detect website malware after it has been reported as bad, StopTheHacker understands the behaviour of viruses which allows it to discover never-before-identified pieces of malicious code before anyone else.

    The scanner solution from 123 Reg is different from any other website malware detection tools because it uses Artificial Intelligence to find security threats. This advanced feature also helps us find the vulnerabilities within your site and show you how you can protect it from the latest viruses.

    Our advanced website malware detection can find malicious code within various website elements, such as: HTML, PHP, JavaScript, iFrames, HTTP links, redirections, Flash, .exe files, Ads and more.

    If bad code is detected when we check a website for malware, our system can automatically remove it for you so you can have peace of mind and focus on your business instead. However, you get to decide if you want us to scan and detect the bad code and allow you to fix the infected files or have us apply the fixes automatically.

    Our Site Scanner will also run a daily check on the status of your site on Google’s Safe Browsing List to ensure it’s not blacklisted by Google. If we discover it has been blacklisted on Google or other major search engines such as Yahoo or Bing, you will be notified immediately and will also receive support to help you remove it from the search engine’s blacklist.

    Once you purchase your Site Scanner, your site will show the SiteSeal from 123 Reg that will ensure your visitors and customers that it’s safe for browsing. When your customers see that your site is protected by 123 Reg’s advanced security product and scanned regularly for hacker attacks they will feel more confident visiting and purchasing from your site.

  • Do I need technical knowledge to use Site Scanner?

    No. Our Site Scanner solution is easy to use so anyone can utilise it to protect their site from sophisticated web malware

  • How long does it take to set up Site Scanner?

    You don’t need to install any software to use Site Scanner. Once you purchase it from 123 Reg, you can set it up easily and usually start using it in by setting up the domain of your website.

  • How do I get help with using Site Scanner?

    If you need help using Site Scanner, visit our support site as you will probably find your question already answered. You can also contact us via the support site. Simply log into your account and use the Ask a Question option

  • Can I monitor my sites hosted with another provider?

    Yes, you can. By using Site Scanner from 123 Reg, you get an extra security layer to ensure your site is safe from malware.

  • Which domain extensions are compatible?

    The Site Scanner from 123 Reg can be used for ALL domain extensions

  • Do I get an initial report?

    Once you purchase the Site Scanner from 123 Reg, we will scan every page of your website and send you an initial report with detailed information on the health status of your site.

  • Will Site Scanner slow down my website?

    No. With Site Scanner, there is no software to install and the service is non-intrusive, which means the solution accesses your site just like any normal user that comes to visit your site. There is absolutely no load added to your site, it’s just like one single visitor is navigating through the site.


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