How do I use the 123-mail InfoStore Feature?

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The following article and downloadable guide will give you an overview of the 123-mail InfoStore feature, as well as showing you how to make use of its functionality.

Downloadable Guide

Click here to download the 123-mail InfoStore guide.

The 123-mail InfoStore feature allows you to upload and share files such as comments, documents, and bookmarks. To create a new InfoStore item:


Click the briefcase icon located in the toolbar at the top of the page. This will open the InfoStore panel.


From here, click the New InfoItem button. This will open a New InfoItem window.


Here you must add a title to your item and you can add a link or URL, place a new InfoItem into a desired folder, attach a file, and add comments to the item.


Once done, click the Save icon at the top of the page.

To edit an existing item:


Select the required item from your list


Then click the Edit button.


This will open the item and allow you to make any amendments to the InfoItem.


Once you have made your changes, click the Save button.

You can send your InfoItem to another user by:


Clicking on the Send as Attachment or Send as Link buttons.


This will open a new e-mail with your InfoItem as the link in the body of the message or as an attached file.

Please Note: You can only send your item as an attachment if there is a file attached to your InfoItem.

123-Mail allows you to lock an InfoItem. To lock an InfoItem simply:


Select the InfoItem from your list, then click the padlock icon from the toolbar.

Locking your item shows other users that they cannot access your item. This is useful, for example, if you are editing the item in question. When you wish to unlock the item, simply select it from you list and click the Unlock icon.

To delete an InfoItem:


Select the item from your list and click the Delete button from your toolbar.


You will be asked to confirm the deletion of the InfoItem. Click Yes to complete the deletion.

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