How much money can I make using 123-parking?

This article applies to 123-parking.

This article will explain how you will make money with 123-reg Parking.

The success of your 123-reg Parking promotion will depend on how good your domain name is.

Essentially, the more people that visit your domain, and click on the adverts on your page, the more money you will make.

Every time someone visits your page, your visitors will see a page of targeted ads and sponsored links. Whenever someone clicks on one of these ads you will receive between 1p and £4.20 in commission, so clearly, traffic is key!

Most domains will receive a visitor every now and again, but the better the domain, the more visitors it will achieve, and move visitors mean more clicks, which means more commission! So your domain name will achieve far more visitors that Of course, you can park all of your 123-reg domain names with the parking service and make as much commission as possible.


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