How do I transfer my .BE domain name away from 123-reg?

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This FAQ will show you how you can transfer out a .BE domain from your 123 Reg account

Managing your .BE domain is done through a different control panel to the usual 123 Reg Control Panel.

To transfer a .be domain name away from 123 Reg you will require an authorisation code. Follow the below steps to transfer your domain name away.


Access and run a Whois search on the domain name by searching in the text box provided.


Your domain name will no longer be available. The next step is to run a WHOIS search by clicking on the WHOIS link. 


You will then have to agree to the Whois terms and conditions by clicking on the YES button.


You will then need to confirm that you wish the transfer code to be sent by clicking on the Yes button.

The code that you are sent should then be used at the registrar you are transferring the domain name to.