How do I purchase an email address/mailbox?

This FAQ will show you how to purchase a mailbox

The below instructions will show you how you can purchase a mailbox, allowing you to create a personalised email address.

This article will explain how you can Purchase a mailbox. Purchasing a mailbox will allow you to create an email address associated with your domain name, so instead of having an email address of, you can have Not only does this give you more control over your email address, it will also give your company or business a more professional feel. An email like: looks a lot more professional that

Email mailboxes work on a quota system. Instead of buying a mailbox as a separate entity, you purchase a mailbox quota, which can either be set as a mailbox or an email forwarder. This allows you complete flexibility over your email set up. For example, if you purchase 5 mailboxes, and find that you want to change one of the email addresses you've set up, you can simply delete the first mailbox, and use that quota to create another mailbox, instead of creating a completely new one.

The article below will show you how to purchase a mailbox, allowing you to create your new email address. 


Login to your 123 Reg control panel.


Scroll down to the Email section, then click on the Manage email link.



Click on the Buy additional mailboxes link.


Choose between Personal or Professional mailboxes, or Office 365 user accounts, then select how many mailboxes you wish to purchase and press Buy to continue.


Your mailboxes will be added to your basket. Follow the steps on screen to complete your purchase.

After you have purchased it, you can configure your mailbox easily by following the instructions from our support guide.


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