How to change your display name?

This article applies to 123-mail Webmail.

This article will explain how to change your display name in 123-mail webmail. As standard, your display name is set as your email address, however, you can edit this to read your name, a nickname, or almost anything else you can think of. 


Login to the 123-mail webmail.

 Webmail Login.jpg

Click on the Configuration icon in the main toolbar.

 Config toolbar main.jpg

Click on the User folder in the left hand pane, and then click on the subfolder Personal Data

 User personal data.jpg

Click on the Display name text box and edit your display name.

 Display name.jpg

Click the Save icon to store the changes made.


Please Note: You must log out and log back in to 123-reg webmail for the changes to take full effect.

You will now see your new display name: